fluorite kids: The Sensation Redefining the Sound of Modern Alternative Pop

Fluorite Kids - Fluorite Marco Barron

Music enthusiasts, prepare to welcome the resounding harmonies and stirring lyrical intensity of Fluorite Marco Barron, the virtuoso behind the rapid rise of fluorite kids. Known for embracing absolute creative freedom, Fluorite is infiltrating mainstream alternative pop with his fantastical, unorthodox oeuvre that defies sonic norms, shatters constraints and dares to explore the uncharted.

Fresh from the victorious release of his new album, ‘It’s Spooky in California’, fluorite kids has once again enchanted fans with his unique sound. This album, released on July 28, 2023, strikes a gratifying balance between groundbreaking and nostalgic. Its eleven carefully curated tracks underscore why experimental pop and timeless classics can be the best auditory companions.

‘The Skeleton Bump’, the album’s electrifying lead track, demonstrates Fluorite’s prowess to create abstract melodies that push boundaries without losing the kinetic warmth of familiarity. Further in, the sixth track, ‘Gardens Made by Love,’ meanders into nostalgic realms, artfully blending exquisite low-key vocals with a trippy, dreamlike backdrop. As Fluorite pulls the curtain with ‘Who Cleans the Cave? – Lake Tahoe Mix’, the listener is left craving more, captivated by the neat fusion of 80’s and contemporary vibes.

Born in Northern California, Fluorite’s musical DNA boasts a trailblazing touch of lo-fi alternative pop, expertly fused with raw, gripping edginess. His debut studio-single ‘Blonde Hair’ marked his grand entrance into the music scene, turning heads and catching ears globally. Fluorite’s tunes, including ‘Walking the Cow’ and ‘Critters Have Feelings’, showcase his maverick formula — classic pop melodies with edgy indie pop production coated in an irresistible lo-fi glaze.

fluorite kids has been weaving auditory tales since his toddler years when he found solace in the beats of a drum. His love for Tim Burton films and the genius of Danny Elfman nurtured his ambition to compose and sing. Combining this aspiration with his knack for analog artistry, Fluorite started carving out his unique sonic persona. Harnessing another passion – Synthesis – he found yet another musical platform, propelling his creative journey further.

Fluorite’s music goes beyond the typical realm of sound, reaching into the landscape of the visual complex. With albums crafted as immersive soundscapes that elevate experiences, his ultimate aim is to find and connect with his entire audience. His motivation? Transforming music and simultaneously creating a safe haven for meditation.

Fluorite is a multi-faceted music lover. He’s dwelled in the vibrant world of music since his school days, whether coaxing beats from a school desk or trawling through discount bins at Rasputin’s for hidden vinyl gems. Hold a conversation about possible collaborations, and the names that pop up are the likes of Martin Newell, Ariel Pink, and Part Time. But if you ask him to label his music? It’s an exquisite confluence between experimental and psychedelic vibes.

Venture into the captivating universe of fluorite kids. Explore his comprehensive Linktree for all things Fluorite, catch a glimpse of his artistic journey on Instagram, immerse yourself in his musical genius on Spotify, experience the collection on Apple Music, or delve deep into the acclaimed ‘It’s Spooky in California’ on Bandcamp.

fluorite kids is creating a unique sound realm where lush classic pop melodies meet the raw edge of indie-pop arrangements, topped with hypnotic, mid-tempo rhythms. Expect an avant-garde bop while listing to Fluorite’s music, an odd yet potent mix made for the daring and adventurous listeners. All these set fluorite kids apart, cementing his place not just in the alternative pop scene but as a resident disruptor within the wider landscape of modern music.

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