Nick von | the Rise of the Famed E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Nick Von

The new generation indeed has the world in their hands. Born in 1999, Nick Von is one of the young entrepreneurs of the world today who is rising to become a star in the e-commerce world. Starting his journey at the very young age of only 11, he is truly a prodigy in his field, surprising his peers and family with the many talents and skills he has up his sleeves.

One would think that the only thing an 11-year-old is interested in is playing with friends and hanging out, but Nick Von was no ordinary child. At this age, he was already programming servers on Minecraft. With the exposure to the digital world at that young age, Nick quickly moved into developing software and trading throughout his high school days.  

Breaking yet another stereotype, Nick Von dropped out of high school to become an entrepreneur because he was already so sure of what he wanted to do with his life. Once he took this giant leap of faith, everything started falling into place for him. He moved to LA, attended meeting after meetings, and at the end of this, he knew his life would never be the same again.

After all the long days of attending meetings back-to-back and the even longer nights he spent planning and designing his business, he founded It is a digital company for email marketing in the e-commerce world. As important as digital marketing has become in recent years, his company is one of the many others that offer email marketing services. It has helped many big companies and corporations increase their profits and revenues by a massive margin of 15 to 35 percent.

One of Nick’s secrets to success in his entrepreneurial voyage is that he is always preparing for the next move. He is so great at preparing companies for prospective acquisitions that many brands are trying to get a hold of him so they can also sell equity to buyers and increase their revenue.

Because of his experience with e-commerce over multiple years, Nick can manage his business well enough to multiply the earnings of his clients by 2-3 times their original revenue in sales. He is also the owner of and All Praise Records, which have earned him the title of an eCommerce god at such a young age.

His newest venture, All Praise Records, is a record label that he started with his partners Armen Dellalian & Chet Hanks, for which he does all the marketing since his other businesses offer the service of processing, manufacturing, designing, and marketing. Not only does this help him increase his revenue, but it also makes the job easier for clients as they don’t have to worry about anything else except working on their careers as artists. The rest is taken care of by Nick von and his team.

“When you start prepping from a very young age and prepare your mind to work rigorously towards your goals, success can be achieved faster.”

-Nick Von

There’s no lie in what he is saying because he did start at a very young age; Von discovered his skills, practiced and nurtured them to become a money-making skills, and took many risks while working tirelessly to get to where he is today. Not only is he making headlines as one of the youngest entrepreneurs to experience his level of success.

As someone who started his own business at a mere 15 years old and sold it off for 15 million dollars, there’s no saying where he will go next with his business ventures. He has a unique understanding of the digital world and the marketplace, which helps him stay one step ahead of the rest of the game and attracts clients to his business.

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