New Zealand Rap Artist Letoa Is Set to Drop His Debut Album “Hugostiglitz”

Letoa - New Zealand Artist and Rapper

Letoa has built a name for himself in the rap game since the release of “Slatnoslime” in 2019, which garnered him millions of followers on Spotify and other streaming platforms. With the popularity of songs like “e girl,” “ICE COLD,” and most recently, “Guap 2” featuring LilBubbleGum and 1nonly, Letoa is eager to shake up the music world with new bangers.

He plans to release his debut album, “HUGOSTIGLITZ,” in the very near future. “HUGOSTIGLITZ,” the album’s lead single, features Letoa rapping in a monotone style over a chill-trap instrumental. Letoa believes that his new album will elevate aesthetic rap and intrigue his listeners. On Letoa’s YouTube channel, fans can listen to the song “HUGOSTIGLITZ” and support him by sharing it to their social media pages.

The new release has Letoa fans excited, and they predict that this song will quickly become a classic. Since the song draws from a variety of musical styles, Letoa and his team are certain that it will introduce him to new listeners and broaden his fan base.

Letoa's Debut Album "Hugostiglitz"
Letoa’s Debut Album “Hugostiglitz”

The Story behind HUGOSTIGLITZ

Hugo Stiglitz is the name of a well-known character in Quentin Tarantino’s film INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Since this movie is one of Letoa’s all-time favorites, it’s no surprise that the song “HUGOSTIGLITZ” is a musical twist on one of the film’s most memorable characters.

After hearing a preview of the upcoming single on YouTube, fans became excited to hear the complete album. Jack Roitier, a respected videographer who has collaborated with underground greats like YEAT, directed the music video. The music video for “HUGOSTIGLITZ” features scenes of Letoa rhyming in a prison cell and another scenario in the desert of California at night.

Letoa is a Record Label Magnet

Music labels are constantly searching for up-and-coming artists to sign and develop. A record label is more likely to sign a musician if the label believes the artist can have an impact and influence revenue, and if the musician is well-liked and makes compelling music. The music business has shown a lot of love to Letoa because they believe he is talented and has a bright future ahead of him. Due to his countless hit songs, record label A&Rs from Universal, Warner Music, and Sony have recognized his skill and want to sign him.

Much like the majority of his prior releases, “HUGOSTIGLITZ” is anticipated to go viral and keep up its momentum throughout 2022 and into the New Year.

Follow Letoa on Spotify to hear his entire discography.

Letoa’s Spotify Artist Channel

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