The Indie-Pop Soundscape of ‘Echoes’: A Dive into Heuch and Silier’s Latest Hit


Nestled in the heart of Norway, sits Heuch – a promising artist lacing every speck of effortless brilliance into his music. Formerly noted for belting out American RnB tunes as a dough-eyed kid, Heuch, or Mikkel Heuch as he is known by birth, has evolved into an innovative artist with catchy, potent, and immersive sounds.

Heuch’s aural air can set a scene for every occasion: be it a balmy beach day trip, cutting footloose on the dance floor, or setting the vibes for a social soirée. His work shadows no singular genre, but each track unfurls with a righteous bassline, lavish instrumentals, and some delightfully clever lyrics.

At the heart of Heuch’s artistry is emotional authenticity. His playful yet profound lyricism, combined with lighthearted but resonant instrumentals, turns his music into an auditory canvas of true emotion. His recent single, “Echoes,” showcases his versatility. A collaboration with Silier, the promo shot for “Echoes” was captured on a beach, against the stark, beautiful backdrop of Norway’s icy -20-degree Celsius air, illustrating the depths these musicians are willing to explore, not just in their music but in visual representation, in pursuit of their passion.

‘Echoes’ – The latest single from Heuch & Silier

From belting out late 2000s R&B tunes as a 10-year-old to weaving captivating lyrics in English – his second language – Heuch’s musical journey is a testament to his tenacity. His love for music and lyricism brought about his first recording session back in 2016, at a friend’s loft. Propelled by hip-hop and inspired by the flourishing indie-funk scene of Australia, Heuch began creating English tracks, culminating in the birth of his more minimal artist name.

In recent years, the rising artist has made a significant return to Oslo, Norway, continuing his musical journey. His latest collaborations and forays across different genres reflect Heuch’s unwavering commitment to innovation and staying true to his artistic vision and authenticity.

“Echoes,” Heuch’s second collaboration with Silier is an encapsulation of this artistic philosophy. The energy of dancing hi-hats and a boogie-inducing bassline explores a psychedelic patch of indie-pop. Released on March 1st, “Echoes” ravels an image of a distant yet familiar love, and it runs for an addictive 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Its compelling sound design and the artists’ seasoned finesse make it a delightful listen on repeat.

Heuch’s music is a vibrant mix of excitement, rhythm, melancholy, and allure, speaking directly to the soul. This rising artist is on a mission to create a deep emotional bond with his listeners, making them feel every beat and emotion in his songs. Following his recent successes, Heuch is excitedly working on more projects, eager to keep his fans moving with his catchy, shoulder-bobbing rhythms.

Catch Heuch on Instagram @heuch.vol, TikTok @heuch.vol, and YouTube @Heuch-music to get an immersive dive into his work. However, with Heuch’s promising trajectory, it won’t be long until his emotionally expressive and deeply engaging music reverberates on stages worldwide.

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