‘Mosh’: Unique Crowdfunding App to Spark Music Revolution

MOSH - Music App

In the beautiful city of Numurkah, Australia, a passionate musician, Philip Towan, is on a musical journey of a lifetime. The guitar aficionado who grew up with a deep love for 60s music, John Farnham, and Elvis Presley has embarked on a melodic mission: to ignite a music revolution. Towan’s tool for change? An innovative new app named ‘Mosh’ that promises to empower musicians, bands, and music lovers alike.

Brimming with unwavering commitment and 15 years of nurtured dreams, Towan has turned towards crowdfunding for his vision’s reality. At the crossroads of recording an album or developing ‘Mosh’, his decision leaned towards the community of musicians he longs to strengthen. This unique platform pledges to create harmony while redefining what it means to unite music enthusiasts worldwide.

The app aims to act as a stage for talent and a sanctuary for music lovers. As musicians form or join bands, they can build a fanbase and connect with other music artists worldwide. As Towan proclaims, “The ultimate music app” will not only stream and sell music but offer a digital marketplace for used and brand-new music gear.

The platform’s impressive features extend to user security as well. Sound privacy measures and customizable settings speak volumes about Towan’s emphasis on developing a trustworthy space for music enthusiasts. This dedication to user security and his inspiring life story of self-taught guitar skills are nothing short of inspiring to aspiring musicians.

Towan’s commitment to multicultural harmony is a key feature of Mosh, making it praiseworthy. Mosh appeals to music enthusiasts worldwide by providing a multi-lingual interface. This platform attracts a diverse audience, transcending languages, musical genres, age groups, and skill levels.

Backing the app’s crowdfunding campaign presents its own candid charm. Early adopters are set to land exclusive perks from app access to shout-outs from featured artists. The surround-sound of crowdfunding echoes the idea of enabling access to everyone worldwide, casting a spotlight on independent artists, and nurturing a vibrant, harmonious community of music obsessives. Therefore, through these collaborative efforts, the musical landscape is promised, a radical transformation.

Your contributions, as Towan asserts, are the driving force behind making Mosh a reality and consequently, leading the music revolution. Donations fund the creation, development, strategic marketing, and online setup of the app, powering an all-in-one platform for musicians, bands, and enthusiasts.

In this rhythmic journey, Towan seeks your support and solidarity – to resonate with musicians worldwide and birth his music app, ‘Mosh’. This venture addresses the cry for an inclusive musical platform, one that harmonizes global musicians into a symphony of collaboration. Viewers, fans, advocates – the power to shape the sound of tomorrow is, quite literally, in your hands.

To those unable to contribute, Philip sends a robust yet heartfelt message – amplifying this vision is just as crucial. Sharing the campaign, casting the vision, and joining the noise is the chant of the chorus. Let the music of collaboration, innovation, and dedication play. Stand with Mosh, and let’s collectively embark on the path to the #MusicRevolution.

Contribute and raise the volume for this music revolution on Indiegogo and stay connected with Philip Towan on Facebook for more updates and insights.

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