Scarlett XIII: Reigning Darkness in the Southern Hemisphere

Scarlett XIII

Capturing the essence of pain and hope in their dark, melodious music, Scarlett XIII is a Goth rock ensemble with a rapidly growing fanbase. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, by George Emans in 2017, this remarkable group has been stirring waves with their compelling harmonies, resonating with fans far and wide.

The band members, comprising George Emans as the vocal storm, Joe D. Carpenter plucking out guitar melodies, and Devin O’Rourke setting the rhythmic pulse on the drums, are all renowned for their dynamic skills and passion for music. Their music delivers a unique and inspired blend of modern metal elements with the haunting aesthetics of Goth rock.

The latest single ‘Secrets’, official music video released on Feb 3th, has been making some pretty strong waves. With over 129k views on Youtube, the video masterfully plays with light and shadow to perfectly mirror the song’s story. From the get-go, it sets a mood of suspense and anticipation, deepening the dark and emotional impact for anyone watching.

Scarlett XIII has since then seen no pause, continually working on new music and videos. Currently laying groundwork for a summer and fall tour across South East, North East, and Midwest regions, the band is eager to engage personally with their audience.

The group’s tracks open with a power-packed mix of guitar, drums, and dark-wave melodies which beautifully weave the catchy melodies. George Emans’ vocals take on a life of their own – not a mere companion to the music but a defining layer to the intricate sonoric labyrinth.

Scarlett XIII desires their listeners to find solace amidst the swirling chords of anguish and hope. The captivating lyrics as seen in ‘Secrets’, penned by Renata Komarkova Emans, provide the dark, brooding verses the perfect backdrop, taking the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Their music carries a rich, emotive weight, speaking volumes about their creative inspirations, including the likes of Ghost, The Sisters of Mercy, The 69 Eyes. Scarlett XIII strives to bridge the gap between the light and dark, mirroring the interplay between pain and hope in their music.

With their unique blend of heavy and melodic tracks, first-time listeners can anticipate catchy hooks layered above raw, dark energy. Existing fans can only expect this winning formula to be refined and amplified in future releases.

Fans can keep up to date on the band’s latest releases, live shows, tours, and more through their official website, Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify.

Currently, Scarlett XIII is experiencing an exciting wave of rising popularity and with their upcoming live performances and tours, they hope to share their energy and deep musical narratives with fans on a more intimate level.

No matter where their music may take them next, Scarlett XIII is a band to keep your eye on. Stay tuned, the future looks bright albeit a dark, gothic tint!

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