Sean Barrelz: Rising from the Ashes of the 90’s Bronx

Sean Barrelz

Suppose someone asked you, “Who is this Sean Gill you speak so highly of?” To which you would respond, “You mean Sean Barrelz?” A seasoned creative with an odyssey in the realm of hip-hop, Barrelz is an artist who entered the scene just in 2020 but seems determined to stay awhile.

Emerging from the streets of New York City, Barrelz’s narrative interweaves with his artistry, making his craft an intimate reflection of his everyday life. His expressionism did not go unnoticed and soon he made his official debut, launching three singles through the esteemed distribution company EBMG/SONY Orchard. With this strong start, he began to carve out his niche in the hip-hop world.

Although his music manifests under the name Sean G, H.L.N.I.C, or Sean Barrelz, it’s all cut from the same cloth; a fabric woven with memories from a challenging past, imbued with the spirit of survival, and layered with robust, real experiences.

Within a year, Barrelz has added five releases to his discography, including singles and full projects, establishing his credibility and prowess as a rising artist. And yet, the journey is a long one, sort of like an adventure series with release dates of more thrilling episodes to come.

While no immediate projects are in the pipeline, Barrelz hinted at two potential projects slated to cater to two different genders, as soon as he manages to create a consistent rhythm in the studio. He is confident in his ability to produce a classic debut album and beyond, expressing that “time” is a crucial ingredient in his creative process.

Haunted by a dark chapter of his life where he was misdiagnosed and subjected to a harrowing medical ordeal, Barrelz navigated the path to recovery, finding solace in the arms of music. Under Fat Joe’s wings, Barrelz rediscovered his passion for music, alongside receiving support from an anonymous artist during his healing phase.

His initiation into music is an episodic narrative, with multiple starts and stops, framed by the life challenges that came his way. Even as he charted his path through the sparks and storms, music remained a constant companion.

Despite his early life struggles in the rough-necked Bronx of the 90’s, his experience fortified his resilience. Raised in an environment infused with diverse musical influences, it’s no surprise that Barrelz developed a penchant for hip-hop and rhythm American poetry. Inspired by everything he listened to, his journey progressed from rap battles on MTA 2 trains to recording at a studio in Harlem.

Today, Barrelz’s music is an eclectic blend of New York authenticity, and experimental and raw rhythms. If the listeners want to tap into the heart of updated hip-hop, Barrelz is their go-to artist. And as for dream collaborations, his list is as endless as the splash of the ocean on the shore.

Follow his journey on all platforms, including InstagramTwitterSpotifyApple MusicSoundcloud, and Youtube. Barrelz burst onto the scene just last year, but he is clearly here to stay.

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