Electro-Pop Meets Indie: Exploring ‘lilac pond’, the Debut Album by lilac frog

lilac frog - Harri Hocking

Harri Hocking, known to his steadily growing fanbase as indie-pop artist lilac frog, has transcended the music scene with his unique rhythm and innovative songwriting. The refreshing youthful talent recently delighted audiences with the releasing his latest album ‘lilac pond,’ an emotive journey of electro-pop and indie-pop tracks that have quickly become the talk of the town.

The rich 12-track album, spanning over 40 minutes, presents lilac frog’s exceptional production and storytelling abilities. He propels us into an electric world steeped in his signature sound, leaving his listeners wanting more. One can’t help but appreciate the authentic eccentricity that permeates the record while dwelling on the charm of the music produced in the solitude of a bedroom studio in England.

‘lilac pond’ is characterized by exemplary mixing and mastering skills that exhibit lilac frog’s discerning attention to detail. The album further boasts collaboration with other talented artists such as ‘undy’ and ‘Mia Robson’, enhancing the body of work with their artistic flair.

lilac frog’s electrifying journey is in the spotlight on this album. His seasoned touch on producing and mixing is evident particularly seen in the song ‘Paint the Sky (What I Can’t Have)’, a retro styled track soaring high on synthwave and pop vibes. The standout track ‘How the Curtain Closes’ immerses listeners into an audiosphere with a delicate balance of rhythm and potent writing. Intertwining minimalist production with expansive imagination, lilac frog proves his ability to master the art of creating big sounds in mindful proportions. Notably, ‘See Straight Through Me’ hearkens to a nostalgic era, ‘Butterfly’ couldn’t be more relatable, but it’s the poignant ‘Until Next Time (Diving Under)’ that leaves an enduring mark. It acts as the fitting album closure, serenading us with a melange of harmonious piano melodies, lush pads, and sparse percussion creating a thought-provoking, meditative atmosphere.

The synthetic brilliance of lilac frog’s music isn’t a mere coincidence but sprouts from a deep-rooted passion for music. As shared by the artist, he has been exploring music since childhood. From playing with Garageband on his family’s iPad, he gradually navigated his way through various labels, reinventing his musical persona, finally settling on lilac frog early in 2022.

Characteristic of a lilac frog’s colourful persona, Harri Hocking accentuates his work with enchanting visuals and storytelling. His poignant narratives encapsulate heartfelt self-reflection, friendships, relationships, and the longing for the forbidden. It’s this raw honesty and intentionality that validates the vibrant electro-pop musician’s potential to craft a rich, personalized musical universe for his listeners.

Each piece of music in the ‘lilac pond’ album is an invitation for listeners to unravel layers of narratives, piecing together the story behind the album. It’s a deliberate escape from reality, and at the same time, a reflective journey within oneself. The record radiates with the spirit and authenticity of lilac frog’s narrative, glimmering with self-discovery and imaginative exploration.

Beyond creating mind-stirring music and soundscapes, Harri Hocking is visionarily conscious about the possibility of artistic burnout. After releasing the album, the artist is unwinding in anticipation of a creative outpour ahead. His refreshing approach to music, combined with the wisdom to prioritize mental health, hints at the longevity of his promising music career.

Moreover, listeners can rejoice in the fact that ‘lilac pond’ is currently available on major streaming platforms, each track offering a hint of the exhilarating surprises that await fans in the future. As lilac frog continues his music journey, he invites listeners into his creative universe, to allow vibrant colors and enchanting sound palettes to adorn your audioscape.

Straight from the tranquillity of the South-West of England, lilac frog is an emerging figure in the electro-pop scene, crafting tunes adorned in authenticity and passion. An indie-pop musician and artist on the rise, there is much to anticipate from this upcoming star in his creative sojourn.

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