MOON AND ARIES: A Rise Above Conventional Boundaries of Creativity and Collaboration


MOON AND ARIES aptly sheath their names under an eponymous duo that unapologetically shakes up the traditional boundaries of music collaboration. The twosome comprises the vivacious soul sister, Jordana Moon, and melodic maestro, Tom Aries. With their songs, they bring to life an intriguing universe rich in a fusion of Electro Pop, Cinematic Synth Pop, Trip-Hop, RnB, and Soul.

MOON AND ARIES aren’t just another music collective with catchy tracks; they aim to provoke thoughts, evoke emotions, and elevate consciousness. Combined, the ethereal instrumentation of Aries and the poetic lyricism of Moon create a sublime synergy that draws listeners into the labyrinth of feelings, experiences, and introspective contemplation. Their intent is to uplift spirits, incite personal revolutions, and act as a beacon towards self-discovery.

The duo’s journey into the music industry started on March 1, 2021. Both artists, separated not only by the Atlantic but also a whopping nine-hour time difference, found a common rhythm, working harmoniously through file sharing and virtual collaboration. Despite the geographical divide, Moon residing in Canada, and Aries in Germany, they have succeeded in creating a global impact. Their discography, boasting 27 masterpieces, has sounded across a myriad of radio stations spanning Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.

The fruitful collaboration between MOON AND ARIES has seen them progressively push boundaries. 2022 marked their foray into the platform with “The Arrival”, a nine-track concept album. Not long after, the duo introduced us to “Paradise,” a five-song summer EP, quickly followed by another 9-song concept album, “Break the Matrix” in 2023. Fast-forward to 2024, and they are priming their fourth album, “RESOLUTIONS & REVOLUTIONS.”

MOON AND ARIES’ sonic journey stands on a backbone of sincere thoughts, emotions,and experiences. Each song doubles as a story, a cathartic narrative of release, reflection, and inner truth. It’s their earnest approach to music that endears them to audiences.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the individual talents that constitute this super duo. Jordana Moon is a singer-songwriter from Western Canada whose music is a harmonic homage to consciousness and empowerment. Her lyrics play like a philosophical soliloquy set to melodious musings from her guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and violin. Her inspiration sprouts from a variety of genres and artists ranging from jazz, trip-hop, neo soul, to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill, and Massive Attack.

On the other hand, Tom Aries, an electronic synthesizer musician from Western Germany, pours his classical piano education into spellbinding synth sequences. Having already made his mark in the sphere of computer game music and film soundtracks, Aries now directs his creativity towards the duo’s offerings, attributing his inspiration to Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and the classic sounds of the 80s.

Their latest single “Traffic” is a bewitching melange of silky vocals, robust basslines, and a sultry saxophone all sitting pretty on a contemporary groove. It cleverly captures the metaphor of life’s struggles stood next to traffic in the busy lanes of life. It has the listener pondering: How do you navigate this traffic? A question MOON AND ARIES answer beautifully using their richly textured melodies and, thought-provoking lyrics.

While their nine-hour gap in time zones may appear as a potential roadblock, MOON AND ARIES see it as an inspired workaround, proof of their seamless chemistry. Their song-making journey is a testament to their unyielding dedication to rhythm, rhyme, and relatability.

As MOON AND ARIES continue to produce thought-provoking, soul-stirring music, the future looks exciting. With two more song releases this year, a new album “RESOLUTIONS & REVOLUTIONS” slated for a spring 2024 release, and the earnest hope of bringing their music to movies, TV shows, and ads, the duo is set to etch their names deeper into the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Despite the physical divide, their music assures listeners they’re never too far from a soulful retreat into a universe of sounds, where melodies meet meaning – this is the MOON AND ARIES experience.

Eager to delve deeper into the mesmerizing world of Moon & Aries? Visit their official website at Dive into their captivating single “Traffic” now streaming on Spotify. For a visually enchanting experience, don’t miss out on the exclusive full video showcasing true art drawings by Ami, available on their YouTube channel. For more of their sonic masterpieces, check out Soundcloud. Stay updated with their latest releases on Apple Music and join their growing community on Instagram.

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