The Rebirth of Music: D’ISCO’s Art of Embracing the ‘Mornings’

D’ISCO - Branimir Aleksandrov

There’s an old saying, often attributed to the true lovers of art, “You don’t choose music; music chooses you.” This concept couldn’t ring truer for music artist D’ISCO, also known as Branimir Aleksandrov. Born in 1976, in Dulovo, a small town in Bulgaria, the lure of strums, beats, and tunes was forever woven into the fabric of his life. D’ISCO’s journey from Bulgaria to America paints a vivid picture of his diverse life experiences. With a passion for music simmering in his early teens, an eventual detour into finance and a swerve into entrepreneurship, his road to creating his unique music has been nothing short of fascinating.

The beginnings of his notable yet limited stint in the music world traced back to when he was thirteen. The chords of a Def Leppard album struck a chord within D’ISCO; a passion ignited and saw him forming a band called ‘DULLO’ and creating enticing tunes. However, due to the harsh socio-political climate and mandatory military service, the band dissolved before they could make their mark on the music industry.

Years later, during a trip back home in 2019, D’ISCO stumbled upon his old tapes filled with music ideas. This accidental encounter with his musical past served as a landmark moment, reigniting the desire to create music. Armed with a renewed zeal, curiosity, and a taste of nostalgia, D’ISCO set out on his journey back into the world of music. After purchasing a tape recorder, the process of going through those old tapes turned into a treasure hunt leading to the creation of “Mornings”.

D’ISCO’s new single is a testament to the true essence of this journey. Evidenced in his sound, the transition from a small town in Bulgaria to the bustling life of America coupled with his insightful thumbprint on the pulse of life and its intricacies is eloquently reflected in “Mornings”. The essence of the song lies in its raw and genuine representation of the simple act of a city waking up. Delving deep into his Bulgarian roots and his memories of Sofia coming to life at dawn, D’ISCO creates a tableau that is both nostalgic and sobering.

At the tender age of 44, D’ISCO has shown that it’s never too late to rekindle lost passions, to evolve, and to create. The tale of his humble beginnings and his entering into the realm of music again, post a 20-year hiatus, truly resonates with his first single. This Pink Floyd-esque track, punctuated with unique electronic timbres, evokes a myriad of emotions with its deeply retrospective undertones.

D’ISCO’s work is a melodic proof that age is just a number; barriers are crafted by the mind, not by time. His journey of rediscovering his passion for music is an inspiration to us all. It teaches us a valuable lesson with grace and melody – the song in your heart never really dies; sometimes, you just need to retune your life to hear it again.

With several more promising tracks in the pipeline and a lingering buzz for a video, D’ISCO’s musical journey is only just beginning. The artist’s future plans feature a hopeful collaboration with music icon Robert Miles.

With one listen to his music, it’s clear D’ISCO isn’t striving for industry standards or chasing after popular trends. Instead, like any true artist, he’s simply telling his stories, expressing his thoughts, immersing himself and his listeners in an ethereal world of melody. His work embodies the morning optimism, a tinge of melancholy, and the persistent human spirit that rises, again and again, painting a vivid picture of city life in the quiet early hours.

Whether it is for his personal growth, a testament to his resilience, or the sheer beauty of his music, one thing is for sure, D’ISCO is a name you won’t forget anytime soon. And as the world wakes up anew each day, remember to tune in to the poignant strains of “Mornings”.

Find his music on Ditto and follow his journey on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook.

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