The Harmonious Transcendence of Musical Borders: Spotlight on Italian Artist Aria

ARIA - Mariano Schiavolini

Widely renowned for his ingenuity and uniqueness in the world music genre, Italian artist Aria (real name Mariano Schiavolini), continues to captivate audiences with his masterstroke musical arrangements that eloquently blend rock, classical and progressive rhythms. He recently thrilled his diverse fanbase with an engaging new single “Smile,” an enchanting blend of vibrant global rhythms, beautifully demonstrating the artist’s ability to craft music that transcends geographic and cultural borders.

Aria’s music beautifully incorporates American R&B, soul, and blues, coupled with Latin American rhythms, and Methodical African tunes, a feat that echoes his collaborations with world-class artists like Peter Gabriel, the Soweto Gospel Choir, and Miriam Makeba’s band. His extensive body of work exemplifies the essence of ‘stylistic contamination,’ a term coined to underscore his knack for fusing varying musical genres into an entrancing sonic storyline.

The release of “Smile,” especially, pays homage to Aria’s decades-long stint in the music industry, lined with over 120 intricate tracks layered with precision on older analogue setups to retain the authentic frequency of each instrument. The culmination is an extraordinary musical piece that is as rhythmically irresistible as it is technically brilliant.

Truly, Aria’s music is a refreshing incarnation of universal brotherhood that strings people across various walks and creeds, uniting them through dance and the shared experiences of love, joy, and family. The artist has also tactfully used his music as a mouthpiece to address crucial societal issues ranging from human rights to animal extinction, thereby etching indelible impressions in the sands of music and activism.

While his hits have been frolicking at the zenith of several charts and gaining popularity on BBC Radio and streaming platforms, Aria has made it his mission to advocate for the appreciation of real music. An ardent believer in the magic of musical perfection, Aria encouraged listeners to revel in the timeless charm of romantic music. Rooted in the essence of the retro ballads of the 60s/70s, the artist is a tenacious proponent of the return of slow dance music, a genre that promotes physical and emotional connectivity among listeners.

Presently, Aria is diving headfirst into his most recent undertaking—a collection of soon-to-be-released nu-jazz releases, including “Blind Eyes” and “Find that Man.” He is also working on “Broken,” an ensemble piece capturing the trials of refugees, featuring an eloquent choir of renowned opera and pop singers. These works, much like their predecessors, are anticipated to mirror Aria’s exceptional prowess in creating music with depth, character, and appeal.

Ever since his time as the founding member of Celeste, dubbed as the King Crimson of Italy, and one of the pioneering bands of New Age music, Aria has consistently engraved his place in the annals of music. This multi-instrumentalist savant, a romanticist at heart, wields his artistry to create music unfettered by the realms of time and space, consistently seeking new sonic landscapes inspired by global and ethnic rhythms. This unyielding drive, married with his resolute passion for music, solidifies the musician’s status as a maestro in the global music scene.

Aria’s impressive discography, coupled with his forthcoming projects, beautifully encapsulates his reverberating message—a call for the world to return to authentic music that moves hearts and bridges diverse cultures. This is the magic that Aria breathes into his creation each time, crafting not just music, but immersive experiences that celebrate life, resilience, unity, and the transcendent power of a smile.

Don’t miss out on the enchanting rhythms and captivating melodies that have positioned Aria as a maestro in the world of music. Dive into the musical brilliance of “Smile” and explore Aria’s extensive collection on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. To stay updated on Aria’s latest endeavors, follow him on Facebook and Instagram. For a deeper dive into Aria’s world, visit his official website and his record label’s site. Let your soul resonate with the harmonies that bridge cultures and touch hearts.

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