Hasmo: Crafting Melodies That Lift Spirits and Inspire Joy


Emerging on the music scene is an artist known as Hasmo, whose real name is Hans Seeberg. A songwriter, guitarist, bass player, drummer, and all-around music enthusiast, Hasmo recently shared his musical journey in an interview, emphasizing that anyone with an idea and an instrument can create their own music.

Hasmo’s laid-back approach to his craft started when he began jamming on the guitar at eight years old with his older brother. Years later, a friend’s simple question—had he ever thought about writing his own songs?—led him to download Logic and try songwriting for the first time during the Covid-19 pandemic. This experience ignited his passion for sharing music with the world.

Unlike many emerging musicians who dream of fame, Hasmo’s vision is rooted in his love for music and a desire for personal growth. His goal isn’t to become a superstar but to build a catalog of music and develop his career as an artist.

“Wasting Time” by Hasmo

Hasmo’s music, a blend of pop and rock with a melodic and dreamy appeal, aims to uplift listeners. His debut EP, “Wasting Time,” released on April 29th, showcases his impressive musical talent. Featuring singles like “In & Out,” a high-energy take on life and love, and “Feeling,” a dreamy, cinematic composition, the EP highlights Hasmo’s knack for mixing vocals and instrumentation in a way that defies his newcomer status.

Hasmo hopes listeners connect with his songs and perhaps even find a catchy tune stuck in their heads. He fondly recalls a comment from one of his kids, who said his music “isn’t actually that terrible,” which he takes as a compliment.

Looking ahead, Hasmo plans to release his second EP, “Big Mistake,” at the end of June. Fans can enjoy his current music on Spotify while eagerly anticipating his new work.

Balancing his passion for music with everyday life, Hasmo reminds us that anyone can create and release music. Whether you’re adding new tunes to your playlist or an aspiring musician yourself, Hasmo shows that you don’t need to chase stardom to make meaningful music. His work underscores the transformative power of music and the vital role artists play in nurturing and continuing this art form.

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