Musa Zadika Beyom: Blending Cultures and Sounds in Modern Music

Musa Zadika Beyom
Musa Zadika Beyom

Musa Zadika Beyom stands out as a distinctive voice in the ever-growing world of contemporary music, skillfully blending his deep-rooted cultural influences with modern sounds to forge a unique genre he describes as “PopSoul.” Born Ashanti Wiggins, Beyom’s eclectic and vibrant journey in the music industry reflects the diversity and richness of the tracks he produces. His background enriches his music, infusing it with a depth and variety that resonates with a wide audience. Each melody and lyric he crafts is a testament to his journey, showcasing his ability to bridge traditional sounds with contemporary musical trends effectively.

Musa Zadika Beyom’s journey with music began in his childhood, as he accompanied his father, Rob Wiggins, to various recording studios. His father, a vital part of the prominent group The Drifters, was actively engaged in the funk music scene with his band BT Express during Beyom’s early years. This early exposure to the music industry ignited Beyom’s passion for music and provided him with invaluable experiences that shaped his understanding of musical and more. Furthermore, these experiences in the studio with his father laid the foundational stones for his musical development, deeply influencing his approach to creating his own music.

Musa Zadika Beyom describes his music to new listeners as a captivating fusion where “a disco groove meets a trap beat with pop synths and soulful vocals.” This innovative style is crafted to envelop listeners, immersing them in a sensation of being “embraced, loved, secure, protected, and seen.” Beyom’s musical philosophy emphasizes creating an emotional sanctuary through his songs, aiming to forge a deep connection with his audience. This experiential approach to music highlights his desire to offer more than just melodies and rhythms; he aims to provide a profound emotional and auditory experience that resonates deeply with those who hear his music.

Musa Zadika Beyom credits an impressive array of renowned musicians for influencing his artistry. Vocalists like Teddy Pendergrass and Christopher Williams have notably shaped his vocal style, while the pioneering vocoder techniques of Roger and Teddy Riley have influenced his adept use of autotune, through which he skillfully sings to achieve the desired vocal effects. Furthermore, his production prowess draws inspiration from Tank, whose songwriting, vocals, and production techniques resonate with Beyom. Additionally, the deep soulful essence of the group Jodeci significantly permeates his music, infusing it with a rich, emotive quality that defines his sound—but uniquely his own.

Currently, Beyom is full-throttle in a project titled “The Crush, The Courtship, The Wedding, and The Honeymoon.” Excitement builds among followers and fans as the first five tracks of this project are set to be released on June 13, with pre-orders already available on platforms like iTunes.

Beyom is also known by the title ‘Rabisheikh,’ meaning ‘Chief of Princes,’ a designation bestowed upon him by his sheikh after he returned to the Middle East, marking him as the first of his lineage to return after many years. While not entirely his stage name, this title holds significant personal value, symbolizing his status, connection to his roots, and the cultural amalgamation that influences his music.

Musa Zadika Beyom’s collaboration with Levels Music Entertainment in Virginia has been pivotal in his musical career. This partnership has significantly helped him refine his craft and expand his reach, allowing him to connect with a much wider audience. Beyom describes his music and journey as a quest to find his “original tribe” and redefine his identity through the powerful medium of sound. He embodies the resilience and transformative potential of music, using his platform to encourage his listeners with a powerful message: “You can rebuild.” This ethos not only shapes his personal narrative but also inspires his fans to embrace their own journeys of self-discovery and renewal.

Beyom’s presence is also widely seen on social media and music streaming platforms, where fans can engage with the artist directly. His TikTok (@musazadikabeyom) and Instagram (@AnaniOzorumba) showcase his latest works and moments from his personal and professional life. His new and upcoming tracks will be readily available on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here), come June 13th, marking a huge milestone for the innovative artist.

Musa Zadika Beyom is a rising artist blending his rich cultural heritage with modern rhythms to make his mark in the music industry. More than a musician, he’s a storyteller, weaving personal experiences into each track, offering a unique narrative experience. With his fresh, soulful style, Musa invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and deep connections, promising groundbreaking tunes—and we’re here for it.

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