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G Face - Rapper
G Face

Today, much can be said about the scene in the rap industry. Music and hip-hop fans thrive on the diversity and raw experiences that rappers generate from all the trends they produce. And today, we’ll be talking about the rapper, G Face, an LA based artist who who is doing just that.

In particular, the fans truly love the sheer rawness and honesty when it comes to rap, and G FACE spits nothing but the truth. We predict that one of the main reasons G FACE has made it big in the rap industry is because he is one of the realest rappers in the game.

The rapper has gained honor among fans and rappers alike since he raps about the brutality of his own life without exaggeration. The real harsh experience that the rapper has gone through, the way of life, and everyone in the industry, fans and rappers alike, respect that.

In a recent interview, G FACE mentioned that music is like poetry to him. A way of escaping the harsh reality, putting him in the best place he can ever imagine. This is brilliant and ironic at the same time since he’s finding most people might call his music a little ‘rough.’

However, most authentic rap is built on yes, you guessed it, authenticity. That means, rough life experiences told in a gritty and authentic manner. The ones that made careers for early gangster rappers like 2pac, N.W.A., Nas, Biggie, Rakim, and more. And like 2pac, G FACES’ all-time inspiration, he would tell you otherwise if ‘rough lyrics’ means means bad lyrics. His music connects deeply with anyone trying to find purpose in life and everyone craving validation. The rapper’s life experiences are genuinely seen as motivational, and that hard work pays off.

Dedicated fans from all over the world will tell you how inspirational G FACE’s stories are. If you have ever listened to any of his songs, then you probably know the authenticity of the stories he has been through, which he portrays in the form of hard hitting lyricism.

The rising star has collaborated with big names in the industry, such as Slim 400, RIP to this legend, and is validated by some of the biggest names in the hip-hop industry. This is fair since G FACE is a rising genius that continues to grow, innovate, and generate authentic art.

G FACE has been through many lows on his journey to fame, which is why the fans can automatically relate to his music. Even though his raps may sound rough, he promotes reality and optimism to his people, and the fans keep coming for it.

A life that has been lived. G FACE shares his good and bad times through his music and creates this unique bond. We’re finding fans and the artist feed on each other through hardships and good times in life and are ultimately creating lasting relationships through the two, much like many previous notable rappers.

G Face has a way of attracting the masses like no other, and as such, his concealed rise to fame couldn’t have been done better by any other in the industry.

We cannot wait to see what he does next.

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