Beyond Meek: Revolutionizing Underwear for Women

Beyond Meek Underwear
Beyond Meek Underwear

Beyond Meek is a revolutionary movement that seeks to bring inclusivity to all women while making it stylish and functional. The origin of Beyond Meek dates back to 2016, but due to some obstacles on the way, the project had to be paused temporarily. After this short hold back, Beyond Meek only started getting into the mainstream media a couple of years ago.

Once Beyond Meek got the momentum up and running, it wasn’t difficult for the rest of the world to start noticing the excellence that was their products. Currently, Beyond Meek sells all their products through Amazon, a global online shopping platform, so they have a wider audience and potential customer reach.

So what was the reason behind the creation of such revolutionary underwear?

Beyond Meek Underwear ModelThe obvious answer to this question would be the need felt by the founders to create comfortable underwear. But in the process of trying to develop a product that people will love, Beyond Meek took it a step further and considered the problems that women face when it comes to buying the perfect pair of underwear.

For many women, their underwear needs are two things- it should be comfortable and have a touch of style. When conducting market research, the team at Beyond Meek found that there was a considerable market gap when it came to this specific problem and target audience.

Hence, the journey of creating comfortable, functional, and stylish underwear for women started. They also considered all the other updates and improvements they could make in the market regarding this particular product

One of the critical issues they tackled was the width of the crotch area, especially for those wearing pads. Talking to some women, they found that if women wanted to buy and wear stylish underwear, there was always a chance that the crotch area was too small to fit a pad properly.

And let’s face it, women are already uncomfortable during their periods, and having to worry about the crotch width in their underwear is another problem that doesn’t have to exist.

Hence Beyond Meek birthed a new type of underwear where all their designs are stylish yet come with enough room in the crotch area, making it suitable to wear even with pads. Now you don’t have to worry about fishing out your granny panties whenever you’re on your period.

Now you must be wondering, what makes Beyond Meek so revolutionary in the underwear game for women?

The answer lies in the construction of the product. Beyond Meek manufactures its briefs with some of the highest quality materials like 95% premium cotton and 5% Spandex. 

This combination of the fabric allows you enough breathability and comfort while making sure to hug you in all the right places. Apart from the feel of this underwear, the looks are also high quality. Their underwear is made for all occasions- whether you need to wear trousers or dresses or need comfort for that time of the month.

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