BOY CHAD | Multi-Faceted Artist, Trendsetter, and Renaissance Visionary

One of the most trending contemporary artists in the music industry has to be none other than BOY CHAD. Born Jarret Holt, the 29-yeard-old not only comes up with some incredible music but also goes on to direct and produce his music videos. Indeed, his sense of style is unique and cool all the way through, and fans can’t get enough of him. If you’re one of his diehard fans, here’s all you need to know about this sensational artist and trendsetter, BOY CHAD. You’re welcome.

What Makes BOY CHAD’s Music Unique?

From Not Out For Summer to Toxic and Losing Control, these are some of the singles BOY CHAD released in recent years. To no surprise, these music videos have gone viral across the globe. This is all thanks to the futuristic, dark, and edgy beats that accompany the music. If you’re not familiar, check out his YouTube, here. Indeed, BOY CHAD ensures to keep fans wanting and waiting for more. With a motive to constantly change the sound of music, his main focus is to ensure that it doesn’t get monotonous along the way. True to his words, his idea of music and keeping it unique is captured in all of his released singles.  If you think his uniqueness ends only with his music, that’s not all. As mentioned earlier, he produces, directs, and even edits all his music videos. As a result, you can clearly see the interpretation of his music vividly by his own creative prowess touching every medium of art with upbeat styles and striking visuals.

Where Does BOY CHAD Draw Inspiration From?

The Los Angeles-based artist draws inspiration from his desire to promote a cultural shift between art and music. He also seeks to produce and reflect new sounds in all his music, thereby keeping fans on their toes, curious, and wanting more. In fact, the single, Losing Control, has such a captivating instrumental, that listening to it just once… was simply not enough. Regarding music artists, BOY CHAD is heavily inspired by the likes of FKA Twigs, Björk, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, Charli XCX, Michael Jackson, and Arca, to name a few. Indeed, his need to explore all the possible artistic approaches makes him and his music eccentric and unique. With his upcoming single, Bully, expected to be released this spring, fans can’t get better news than this. With a thirst to be different from contemporary artists, BOY CHAD has beaten the odds and taken music to the next level. No doubt, this rockstar is paving the way for artists to look at music from a different light. That said, you never know what to expect from his upcoming single. The artist has more than 130k subscribers on YouTube, with 60.8 million views. He’s also a fashion designer, songwriter, and music and video producer. With such talents overflowing in him, it’s safe to say that he’s pushing every possible boundary and unburdening himself from a specific set of expectations. Fans can surely expect to see a lot more from him in the future. So, please sit back, hold tight, and wait till you see what he presents you with in his upcoming works. Stay up-to-date on everything BOY CHAD: Instagram Twitter Youtube Spotify Apple Music
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