Akuu’s New Release ‘Suicide’: An Audacious Journey Through Resilience and Rebellion


In the tempestuous world of music, voices whispering heartfelt tales rise above the cacophony of sound, capturing the collective consciousness of listeners worldwide. Today, one such voice – Akuu, born Ravine Reedy – unleashes a new ripple of emotion and introspection with his latest release, “Suicide.”

Our journey with Akuu began six years ago, from the humble beginnings of a small record label birthed in his brother’s garage on the West Coast. Since then, Akuu’s steady ascent towards greatness has been marked by profound personal expression, vibrant storytelling, and a relentless drive to help others feel connected to a purpose larger than themselves.

Drawn to the world of music at a tender age of fifteen, after attending a Tech N9ne concert, Akuu found a therapeutic outlet to navigate his intense emotions and, in turn, sought to offer the same to his listeners. His lyrical storytelling oscillates between high-energy anthems and melancholic symphonies, mirroring the undulating waves of human emotions.

Now, Akuu is set to lead us further down the rabbit hole of his inner world with the release of a poignant album titled “Suicide.” The maiden track, also named “Suicide,” embodies the overarching emotion the artist aims to portray throughout the album. Though the initial release explodes with high energy, upcoming songs promise to tap into the wellsprings of sorrow and loneliness that inspired the album in the first place.

At the forefront of Akuu’s new track ‘Suicide’, a commanding bassline grabs the listener’s attention. The artist’s vocals, as clean and sharp as ever, command the track with authority. ‘Suicide’ pulses with an infectious rhythm that ensures your head will be nodding along. The foundational kick drum and high hat rhythm contribute to an addictive beat, setting the scene for Akuu’s poignant lyrics. The beginning and overall vibe of the track are decidedly reminiscent of Tech N9ne, a clear influence that underscores Akuu’s own unique sound.

The hook ‘This is suicide, my crew and I, do or die…’ from Akuu’s ‘Suicide’ resonates with a hard-hitting sense of commitment and resolve. The lyrics deliver a relentless drive, a do-or-die attitude, and an adrenaline-filled, danger-laden ride you might not survive.

Driven by his desire to help others find purpose and bridge the divide between our reality and a more profound sense of life, Akuu aspires for his music to resonate on a soul-deep level. His artistic dream? To follow in the footsteps of his idol Tech N9ne, whose track “Killing You” remains his all-time favorite, and to collaborate with contemporary artists like Vin Jay.

Akuu’s music draws its raw, emotional power from his turbulent past. Having lost his mother to a tragic accident and endured a childhood marred by his father’s incarceration, he channels his pain into creating resonant music. This commitment to giving voice to the voiceless fuels his unstoppable momentum.

Fans and new listeners alike can anticipate a tantalizing musical treat if Akuu’s upcoming project follows the exemplary precedent set by his 2022 “Dopamine” album. He is on a mission, and it’s evident in every lyric and melody – Akuu won’t rest until he’s painted the world with his understanding and made it a more empathetic place.

And so, as “Suicide” debuts today on all major platforms, we invite you to embark on this riveting, emotional journey with Akuu. Be part of the movement that began in a garage and is now sweeping across the globe, carrying with it waves of raw emotion, shared experiences, and a unified sense of purpose.

Follow Akuu’s journey and support his work on Spotify, watch his growth on Youtube, join his growing fanbase on TikTok, and stay updated with his life on Instagram. Be part of the revolution, the Akuuza movement, and together, let’s make the world feel a little less lonely.

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