PolinaVeronica: Empowering Women Through Music


Rising artist PolinaVeronica, or PV for short, is unearthing her unique sound and making a name for herself in the ever-evolving landscape of music and entertainment. While using her music as a platform to inspire and empower women, she’s aiming above and beyond simple tunes to make an impact that matters. Check her out on Instagram and TikTok.

Raised in Cyprus with roots stretching across Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and Egypt, PV’s musical flair was sparked early in life. The diverse musical influences of her parents — her mother, a classical conductor, and her father, a drummer — enriched her ears with a blend of classical and modern rhythms, setting the stage for her future in music.

PolinaVeronica’s world is where sound meets dance. She believes dance is a vibrant expression of what she creates musically and proudly considers herself not just a musician, but a performer at heart. Beyond singing and composing, she runs a dance school, creating a space where both her passions intertwine. You can also find her dance school on Instagram.

Her music seamlessly blends R&B, electronic, oriental, and jazz elements, catering to a broad spectrum of listeners. Her songs, infused with classical instruments, are designed to lift spirits and instill confidence, particularly when dancing. You can explore her eclectic music on Spotify, featuring hits like “Careless Kitty Cat,” “The Creator,” “Daydreaming,” “Super Bad Man,” and “Storm.”

PV recently dropped a music video for “PolinaVeronica ft Andreas – Careless Kitty Cat” on YouTube and is buzzing with excitement over her upcoming releases, which she plans to perform live with a full dance ensemble.

Despite the trend of local talents moving abroad to pursue their dreams, Polina is determined to shine a spotlight on Cyprus. She aims to inspire local artists and build a thriving music scene right in her backyard, proving that great music can originate from small places.

Polina uses her music as a force for female empowerment, encouraging women to own their identity and express their sexuality freely, without the weight of societal judgment. She passionately advocates for women to embrace their bodies and their strength.

“It’s very hard to be real,” Polina admits, “but being authentic is what I strive for. You’ll face judgment no matter what, but those who judge aren’t meant to be part of your journey. By being yourself, you attract the right people into your life.”

PolinaVeronica hopes her music offers a sanctuary where everyone, regardless of gender, race, or body type, feels acknowledged and celebrated. Her goal is to create an environment where everyone can freely express themselves and feel great about who they are.

As she continues to forge her path in the music world, PolinaVeronica remains dedicated to her core mission: to uplift, inspire, and empower through her music, ensuring every song she writes makes a meaningful impact—and we’re here for it.

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