Patrycia Kayy | AKA Patikayy Rises to Success in Golf & Influence

Patrycia Kayy AKA Patikayy

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a world-class sportsperson and a successful social media influencer, Patrycia Kayy and her story is the one you need to read about.

This Polish-Canadian golfer started as a pro golfer, playing some of the most challenging courses in the world, and ended up stealing the hearts of many as a social media influencer. Not only does she shine on the golf course, but she is also a well-sought-after internet personality.

Patrycia Kayy and Her Life Before Fame

Despite her now growing fame and posh life, Patrycia Kayy came from humble beginnings. As a first-generation child to polish parents, she used to like Poland until her early teens. Her life in Poland was wholesome as she got to raise and take care of farm animals like chickens and cows.

Feeding pigs, milking cows, and cutting hay in her preteen years wasn’t a waste, as most people might assume. This upbringing made Patrycia Kayy (patikayy) so down to earth as a famous personality.

Although now she no longer needs to tend to animals and work on a farm to earn a livelihood, she also knows what it’s like to live a domestic life. From a young age, Patrycia Kayy was given many opportunities to travel the world. But her favorite place to visit was the French Riviera.

If she wasn’t traveling, she always picked up a new hobby and learned something new every day. She learned so much about different cultures, sang their songs, and even became a fluent speaker of the Spanish language.

All these experiences made Patrycia Kay into the person she is today. Her proficiency in multiple fields makes her a good presence in the industry.

Patikayy Rising To The Top

She didn’t make it to the top without her share of struggles. When she was starting her career in dance, she was often picked on and bullied by her peers. In the following years, when she was a nationally ranked player in tennis, she dislocated her shoulder, causing her a lot of stress and dissatisfaction.

After this, she tried her hands at golf, proving to be a natural talent, even earning a scholarship to move to Miami at just 17 to pursue this goal. However, after just one season of NCAA tennis, she was injured, ultimately leading to the end of her tennis career.

Following the injury, Patrycia took time off from school to focus on recovery. This was when she started her social media growth. From just posting a few pictures online, she was on everyone’s explore page, creating a buzz and ultimately making her famous.

The internet found a few clips of her playing golf which blew up and became viral. This was the final ingredient in her imminent success on social media.

Despite experiencing several setbacks in her career, Patrycia Kayy never gave up on her dreams. She always had faith in herself and became the embodiment of hope. Through her experiences, she says the most important thing she learned was the value of having a sense of belonging.

She recounts all the times she felt out of place and almost on the verge of giving up. But with sheer persistence, passion, and motivation, she found her place in the world.

The Future

With more than 500K followers on Instagram, Patrycia Kayy has undoubtedly made her way to the top and become an inspiration for many.

Currently, she is attending school for an event management course and has plans to open a modeling club in Miami. Also, her years of travel and practice in music and dance have led her to release her music. Now, she has launched two singles called, ‘My Instagram Story’ and ‘Golf Life.’

She strives to be the best version of herself and wants to uplift others along the way, which is why she’s known for doing live sessions on Instagram, answering questions, and giving advice to her fans using the vast pool of knowledge she has.

Check out her Instagram here.

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