Dealing With DWIs: Tom Anelli

Tom Anelli - DWI Attorney

DUIs and DWIs are common occurrences in the courtroom, especially in big cities like New York. Both charges can mean different things depending on where you reside; however, both charges apply to alcohol and drugs, which can impair or harm your ability to drive.

A reasonable attorney can help you get the best-case scenario out of a possibly bad sentence or charge. Tom Anelli is one of the best DWI Attorneys that the State of New York knows. His career in the field is critically acclaimed to be proficient and reliable by many who have had their court cases handled by him.

About Tom Anelli:

Tom Anelli is a member of the National College of DWI Defense, the National Criminal Justice Association, and the American Bar Association. He is also certified as an instructor for Field Sobriety Testing and has written a book titled “A Citizen’s Guide to Understanding DWI – DWI Litigation in America.” This book is considered the new DUI Book; New York Edition.

He has been chosen as the NYS Ambassador and founding member of the DWI Defense Lawyers Association. Because of his stellar reputation among his peers, he was chosen as a Super Lawyer. In addition, the AVVO awarded him the national rank of Superb Lawyer (10/10).

Tom Anelli & Associates:

When you go to Tom Anelli & Associates for their legal services, you’ll get a free consultation so that both parties are briefed about the situation. Clients can also learn about the various steps that the legal team will have to take to tackle the situation. After this, they can decide whether they want to continue the partnership.

Everyone in the DWITOM team (Tom Anelli & Associates) is qualified to handle legal cases professionally. His firm houses big names in the industry like Mindy Knapp, the chief operating officer; Evan Naylor, the senior associate attorney; and several other associate attorneys. Most have qualifications from esteemed schools and universities, including Doctorate holders.

Specifically for cases pertaining to DWIs, Tom Anelli and his team are one of the most renowned legal expert teams in New York. They’ve worked with thousands of clients throughout the state and reaped proven results through each case.

Why Choose Tom Anelli & Associates?

With many legal teams that get the job done, it can be challenging to choose which one to go for. So here’s a list of some of the top reasons why Tom Anelli & Associates might be a good choice for you:

  • They have an entire team of professionals who are more than qualified to handle all legal cases.
  • The team has years of experience under their belts, so they know how to handle even the most complex of cases
  • The firm is nationally recognized by Super-Lawyers and AVVO
  • Tom Anelli, the head of the firm, is listed among the top one percent of DWI lawyers
  • They have tons of successful cases under their name
  • The firm is recognized and well-appreciated by clients for the results that they provide post courtroom

Reach out to Tom Anelli or anyone on his legal team through their website or connect through Facebook.


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