Tas | Album “Acta Non Verba” Generates Heat on Spotify

Tas - Adam Tassone - Musician

Tas (Adam Tassone) and his album “Acta Non Verba” is on track to surpass over a million streams on Spotify in just a few months. We at Growth Illustrated are delighted with the progress but not entirely surprised since it’s clear, he’s put in a ton of hard work and passion into this project.

The album features 20 exceptionally hard-hitting songs and beats, like the song “Social butterfly,” “disrespectful,” and others alike, that speak directly to his own experiences and everything he’s had to persevere through in life. It’s been interesting to see inside the mind of Tas and his gift for reaching hearts with authentic lyrics and a unique approach to producing.

The multi-talented artist has been working on his craft for over 4 years, with countless unreleased songs (like many perfectionists) we hope to get a chance to hear in the coming years. In all honesty, we’re happy to see the current success of the ones so far and look forward to see what the artist can produce next.

The artist has also mentioned new projects and promised to treat the fans with tons of singles and albums in 2023. Since he’s spoken of diving into other genres such as house, we’ll be curious to see the success of his next album, how it will do compared to “Acta Non Verba”, and more.

One thing we know for certain is the man behind the mask has one of the biggest hearts and clear passion for his music and what listeners should get out of it.

His way with words, the combination of various genres into beats, and sheer determination, all the while being original, have been working out for him with “Acta Non Verba”, and if he steps into new genres in the next upcoming years, we’ll be curious to see how those elements shift into completely different approaches to production, lyricism, and overall vibe.

The artist has mentioned that his favorite song is “Time” by Pink Floyd, and if you’ve ever heard this song, you can tell the guy knows his chops when it comes to powerful messaging as a musician.

Time is easily one of the greatest and timeless hits ever produced, with deep meaning that people can still relate to in different aspects of their lives.

It’s clear Tas has is on his own path to producing music at the same level.

Initially, Tas was introduced to Pink Floyd by his mother, so his childhood was filled with songs that had strange sounds combined with messages of liberation and relatable life lyrics.

A popular trait that he has acquired and strives to use in all of his well-curated lines.

In addition to a heavy Pink Floyd influence, he’s an old soul who found solace and clear influence from old school hip hop artists and harder hitting lyricists like Eminem and 2pac.

The artist also mentions that classical music is actually a big part of expressing his emotions, so existing fans are certainly in for a treat.

The album “Acta Non Verba” is an excellent example of his art, his passion, and clearly describes the type of reputation he’s beginning to build.

True passion takes a person to lengths, and Tas is an excellent representation of it.

The artist is well-versed in many genres and incorporates them into his work. He takes his experiments to the distance and works effortlessly to give inspiration to new and existing listeners alike.

At this point in his career, his only wish is to inspire the masses on an even grander scale and build a reputation big enough to work with as many legends as possible to reach the ultimate peak that all musicians crave.

Like any upcoming artist, Tas still has room to grow.

And we’re exciting to see what artist releases next.

You can stream all his music and get hyped for new albums and singles here.

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