Preston Corbell: The Truth About the Life of a Stuntman

Preston Corbell - Stuntman & Actor

For about 20 years, Preston Corbell has been performing amazing yet dangerous stunts on Tv shows and movies. You might not have noticed when watching the shows but behind all the incredible shots of some of your favorite TV shows and movies is the man himself.

Although he has already retired from his life as a stuntman, there’s no denying that he has achieved god-level standards regarding life as a professional Stuntman. Some of his most notable works conclude working on major mainstream productions like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC comics. He has also been a part of the Vampire Diaries, Eastbound and Down, One Tree Hill, and Cabin Fever, both very high-grossing Tv shows during his time. 

With more than 100 productions under his belt, it is no surprise that Preston is indeed one of the best the industry has to offer. So the news of his retirement might seem bleak to some, but don’t worry, he’s in the right direction.

There’s nothing more important than your mental well-being when dealing with stress. This stress can come from your personal or professional life. What most people don’t know is how career-related stress can have detrimental effects on your mental health. It can drain you to a point where you can no longer motivate yourself to get back to work or have faith in yourself and your recovery. Fortunately, Preston figured this out early on and recognized the critical role that mental health plays in the field.

Many people seem to think that stunt performers are doing what they are doing because they are adrenaline junkies. While it is not untrue that the adrenaline rush is high when performing these tasks, it’s also a professional job. Stuntmen get paid to perform dangerous stunts on camera. So you might make the same move repeatedly until you get the perfect shot.

It’s almost like a gamble with your own body since you have to risk getting injured for every move that you make. You would land in the hospital with one wrong move, which means no paycheck. If you look at it from this perspective, it’s mentally draining to have to work your body as much as stunt performers do. Couple that with the mental stress that comes from the anxiety of not being able to perform well or an injury, and you have demotivated individuals struggling to find motivation in this career.

In an interview, Preston mentions how mental health as a subject wasn’t a mainstream topic, especially in sports. But nowadays, more people, including men, are opening up about these issues. This is what he finds motivating him to keep learning more about his field of specialization.

And it is because of this knowledge that Preston’s mission and vision to aid youngsters in this particular field look promising. His goal is to help them feel understood, give them the tools to overcome challenging situations and motivate them to be resilient. So, Preston Corbell is standing at the front and leading the world toward a better future regarding mental health.

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