Mark Vickness and His Musical Collective MVI: Harmonizing Diversity with ‘In The Rain Shadow’

MVI - Mark Vickness Interconnected

Starting with humble lessons on the piano at the age of six, Mark Vickness has metamorphosed into a luminary composer and a modern fingerstyle guitarist with an impressive credential of degrees in composition. A gasconade of his musical journey reveals rigorous tutelage under Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Mel Powell, multiple stints with performing jazz bands, and a reputed collaboration, ‘Glass House’, that placed him as an imperative voice in the realms of acoustic fusion.

Today, Mark Vickness is synonymous with the musical collective ‘Mark Vickness Interconnected’ (MVI), in whose company he has recently launched an enthralling instrumental album titled ‘In The Rain Shadow’. Slated for release on May 15, 2023, the splendidly versatile album is a poetic synthesis of jazz, classical, acoustic rock, and a range of additional secondary genres.

The release boasts an ensemble of virtuoso instrumentalists who each bring a distinct sound to the acoustic palette, harmonizing to forge a rich, layered narrative akin to a beautifully-rendered sonic mosaic. Mark’s dream team of musicians adeptly deliver a spread of music unconfined by genre, diversely drawing from funk, ambient tapestry, raga improvisation, and interwoven counterpoint to name a few. Inviting much admiration, this ensemble’s spectrum of sounds authentically reflects MVI’s vision of human connection and unity in diversity.

Taking cues from the atmospheric elements of California’s Owens Valley where Mark relocated in late 2020, the album finds inspiration in the meteorological concept of a “rain shadow”. Mark describes his compositions as echoing the profundity of living within the sheltered side of a mountain range where precipitation is as scarce as wind patterns. The album’s tracks, named after geological and meteorological phenomena, amplify the mystical allure of living in the rain shadow—a mesmerizing embodiment of tranquility, thwarted serenity, audacious thrill, and stimulable awe.

Beyond the album, fans are treated to a series of HD live videos revealing an intimate perspective of the instrumentalists behind ‘In The Rain Shadow’. These videos provide a holistic immersive experience into the gripping tapestry weaved by one of the most promising projects in progressive music today. To round off the impressive achievements, Mark Vickness was recently saluted for his exceptional sonic prowess in the Youtube series, ‘Best Guitarist Composer You’ve Never Heard” by Robert Cassard.

Fans of the collective are urged to stream ‘In The Rain Shadow’ via Spotify and YouTube or enjoy the album through Apple. A visit to the MVI’s official website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram further affords an in-depth insight into the project and its captivating musical journey. This diverse and dynamic ensemble’s brilliance permeates the album, promising a compelling expedition into an auditory utopia warranting a visit from all music aficionados.

Mark Vickness remains a papery moniker to this confederation of musicians, united by the embodiment of interconnectedness. Together, they’ve successfully crafted an album that symbolizes unity, diversity, and a deep appreciation for our shared humanity. ‘In The Rain Shadow’ is not just an album—it’s a proclamation of the universal language of music, resonating with the hearts and souls of the listeners.

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