Intelligent Diva Explores Country Rock with New Single ‘Darkest Pain’

Intelligent Diva - Chincia K.
Intelligent Diva – Chincia K.

Intelligent Diva, also known as Chincia K., has unveiled her latest single “Darkest Pain,” showcasing a significant crossover into country and rock genres. This new release adds to her diverse musical repertoire and is now available on all major music platforms, including radio.

“Darkest Pain” is described as a continuation of her earlier work, directly following her single “Pain” from the “Music Is Art” album. The earlier track had enjoyed a successful run, being number one on the video charts for 21 weeks. The narrative of “Darkest Pain” delves into the intensifying struggles of a woman who decides to stay in a relationship after discovering infidelity. As the relationship deteriorates further, she faces mental and emotional abuse, especially during a traumatic pregnancy that ends in miscarriage.

Darkest Pain“, written and performed by Intelligent Diva and produced by SFR Beats, is based on a true story. It artistically portrays the emotional turmoil and complex dynamics within abusive relationships. The storytelling is extended beyond the music through a unique monologue and a music visual that depicts a podcast scenario where “Songbird,” a character played by Intelligent Diva, discusses her experiences. This innovative approach is part of a series titled “The Return of Songbird,” with the first episode aligning with the single’s release on May 10th, and the subsequent episode scheduled for May 15th.

‘Darkest Pain’ – Intelligent Diva

In addition to her music career, Intelligent Diva has expanded her presence in the digital space with the recent launch of her TV spot, IDMTV, on Roku, adding another platform for her creative outputs. The series will also be available on Vimeo and Roku immediately, with releases on CMT and Paramount Plus to follow.

With “Darkest Pain,” Intelligent Diva is not only venturing into new musical territory but is also hoping to resonate with a broader audience through a blend of country and rock elements. Her previous successes on the National Airplay Radio and Billboard charts suggest a warm reception for her latest project.

As the artist herself has noted, this release is not just about introducing new music but also about sharing a personal and relatable story that echoes the darker aspects of human relationships and the journey towards self-realization and healing. Fans can expect two versions of the single, a radio version and an extended version, each tailored to different listening preferences.

For more information and updates, follow Intelligent Diva on her Instagram, and YouTube channel. “Darkest Pain” is available for streaming now at this link.

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