Frannk Whitte: The Brazilian Artist Making Waves in LA’s Music Scene

Frannk Whitte

Scanning the current landscape of the music industry, a new voice has emerged, taking the spotlight due to a unique sound that is as diverse as his background and the artists that have inspired him. Allow us to introduce, Frannk Whitte, a seasoned performer and gifted songwriter from São Paulo, Brazil, now residing in Los Angeles, and quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Broadening his horizons and showcasing his invaluable talent on global platforms, Whitte is a force to reckon with, raising the bar in the realm of contemporary music.

Born Francisco Castello Branco, fondly known as Frannk Whitte, is a musician whose creativity knows no bounds. It’s challenging to pin his music down to just one genre thanks to influences from icons such as Amy Winehouse, Mac Miller, 2strange, and Tom Misch. Each music piece Whitte delivers is an amalgamation of his inspirations and his signature style, weaving together a euphony that appeals to emotional senses and connects with the listener at different levels. His music serves as a comforting road trip anthem, a pulsating club bop, or an evocative love song, each crafted to be an empathetic companion, exuding motivation and solace to its listeners.

Stepping into the music world as an eight-year-old with an affinity for drumming, Whitte’s passion took a significant turn at 16 when he embarked on a songwriting journey with his best friend. From then onwards, Whitte’s stratospheric escalation in the music field began, leading him to gain worldwide attention and establish a comforting foundation for his fans. His collaborations, standout performances, and upcoming projects are promising signs of a talent that will continue to thrive for decades.

Recently, Whitte and his musical partner moved to the entertainment hub, Los Angeles, with the intent of sharing their music to an even wider audience. An evident testament to Whitte’s dedication towards his craft and the razor-sharp focus on global recognition.

As for those eagerly anticipating new music, Whitte is currently working on an exciting new EP. In addition, his song “Blame” featuring Dagrace, is due to be released on 5th October. However, what has really garnered people’s attention is his adrenaline-inducing fight song “Never Safe,” already out, created for UFC Fighter Mateus Bocao. The track maintains Whitte’s trademark touch, pumping listeners with an intensified drive to work out like never before!

Simultaneously, fans will be thrilled to see Whitte featuring in the pilot episode of the new “Tiny Desk” Brazil alteration, aptly named “Som no Sebo”. Despite being in the industry for a mere three years, Whitte has already left an indelible mark on the music world, positioning himself for a long-lasting career.

Music lovers can follow Whitte on his Instagram and stream his tunes on Spotify to stay updated with his latest releases and shows, and to be a part of his musical journey.

To round off, this 20-year-old Brazilian talent is just getting started. Yet, his talent and ambition have already catapulted him to significant heights. Looking at his trajectory so far, it is evident that Frannk Whitte is not just a transient name in the music industry. He is the upcoming global star from Brazil, spreading his captivating music across the world, bringing comfort, relatability, and a strong sense of companionship through his songs. Brace yourselves, world; Frank Whitte is here and he’s just getting started.

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