Emerging from the Underground: The Artisanal Techno Beats of RN7 and NAGINI


It’s no secret that Munich, an international hotspot for art and culture, has a vibrant electronic music scene. From its subterranean raves to its famed clubs, the city’s pulse beats to the rhythm of techno music. A must-know duo, the Munich-based RN7 and NAGINI, is quickly emerging as a formidable force in the city’s techno landscape and beyond.

The two artists cut their teeth in the thriving underground scene of Munich, where they first witnessed the raw power of techno music. RN7 started at private raves beneath the city’s bustling streets. This vibrant atmosphere, brimming with sonic innovation, set his heart on fire for techno music. As he journeyed from a rave-goer to a producer, his unique sound found a home amidst Munich’s multifarious electronic tones.

On the other hand, NAGINI, born and raised in Munich, embraced techno through a wide engagement with diverse musical genres. From exploring the auditory landscapes of rock legends to navigating the waters of pop and rap, her musical journey led her to the kinetic energy of techno music. Simultaneously, her past musical experiences continue to reverberate in her current trance-infused techno beats.

Now, RN7 is more than a DJ and producer- he tells stories using his music, just like narratives unfold in books or film. From underground raves to clubs like Harry Klein, Bahnwärter Thiel, and Palais, he has touched hearts with his transfixing techno-trance fusion, earning an international following at Rebel Club in Ohrid, Macedonia and numerous respected music labels.

In contrast, NAGINI’s heart beats along with a hard trance rhythm. Trance, a genre often introducing listeners to an ambience of positivity and unity, perfectly aligns with her dedication to creating memorable experiences for the audience.

Together, RN7 and NAGINI founded a bravura venture: SYNTHX RECORDS. The label dedicates itself to trance music, providing the power duo a platform to explore the potential of the genre and invigorate the techno scene with its energy.

Their debut track, “Collide” is a testament to their unique sonic wizardry. Released under their record label, the track captures a profound personal significance, with a refrain that hits right before the drop: “Emotions collide – as we fall in love tonight”. This stunning piece of techno, laced with a touch of trance, has set their listeners on a memorable musical journey, raising anticipation for their next chapter.

Currently, RN7 and NAGINI are already working on new tracks, weaving tapestries of captivating beats that promise to enrapture fans anew. Besides, 2023 brings excitement in their successful event series, “Trance for friends”, and their first-ever “SYNTHX RECORDS” label night in October, which goes by the promising motto, “Trance all night.”

In an age where music defines and is defined by its listeners, synthesizing genres and pushing boundaries is paramount. RN7 and NAGINI, with their label SYNTHX RECORDS, are doing just that. Taking elements of techno and trance and creating a sound that is uniquely their own, these artists offer audiences a chance to dance, to feel, and to connect with the music.

Undoubtedly, their dedication to crafting unforgettable experiences is leaving an enduring imprint on the techno scene. Whether you’re a hard techno enthusiast or an ardent trance admirer, RN7 and NAGINI promise music that demonstrates the mysterious power of techno to touch souls, beckoning you to give trance a chance.

Embark on a musical odyssey and dive deep into the world of techno and trance with Munich’s dynamic duo, RN7 and NAGINI. Their passion and talent for music are palpable, and they’re eagerly waiting to share it with you. Get up close and personal with RN7 on Instagram, or lose yourself in his hypnotic sets on Soundcloud. The enchanting beats of NAGINI await your discovery on both Instagram and Soundcloud. For the latest releases and more about their thrilling musical venture, stay tuned to SYNTHX RECORDS on Instagram and their Soundcloud page. And for a taste of their harmonious collaboration, don’t miss out on their debut track, Collide on Spotify. Connect, feel, and dance to the rhythm of their world.

RN7 and NAGINI invite all music lovers to embark on this musical journey with them, to explore the dynamic world of techno and trance, and to move with the rhythm of their stories, all beautifully encapsulated in their riveting beats. On the dance floor or in the privacy of your headphones, let their music guide you to new sonic horizons.

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