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Town Music Group - Youssef Mobayed

The digital age has expedited not only the way music is consumed but also the process of becoming a music artist. Central to this new musical movement is Youssef Mobayed, a gamechanger dedicated to redefining the global music industry. The visionary behind the disruptive Dubai-based Town Music Group, he shows that there’s no longer room for non-transparent business approaches in the music industry. In a time where one can be a self-made star, he’s created a platform that bets on artistry over follower count, and talent over commercial appeal.

Launched in 2016, Town Music Group began its journey as an electronic label majorly focused on Trap music. Over the years, it’s evolved into a conglomerate spanning multiple genres, including Hip-Hop, Pop, Lo-Fi, Future Bass, House, Techno, and more. The Group’s portfolio boasts an impressive fleet of labels such as Trap Town Records, Chill Town Records, Melodyz Town, Rap Town, and Glowave Town. By celebrating the unique artistry of over 300 artists, it’s gained over 1 million followers and aggregated a staggering figure of over 2 billion global streams.

In addition to their diverse catalog, the Group’s roster houses an array of playlists curated for every listener’s taste. From pulsing workout beats to slowed and reverbed tracks, their collections offer the perfect background for any occasion. The latest addition to their catalog includes a house cover of ‘E.T.’ by QUATTROTEQUE & Rayyea, an immense success with over 20M streams globally.

Mobayed entered the music industry at just 16 and founded Town Music Group. Since then, his aim has been clear: to apply a straightforward, transparent approach that empowers artists to reach their full potential in the music industry. The Group doesn’t base its artist partnerships purely on their number of followers or songs released. Instead, the emphasis is on the quality of the music. If the song is good enough, it gets signed.

While music is the cornerstone of Youssef’s agenda, he also wants to make music licensing more accessible. His team specializes in music synchronization and licensing to enhance movies, commercials, or other projects. The integral vision behind the Group is to make every artist’s work globally accessible, fueling a more diverse, vibrant music ecosystem.

Town Music Group is an embodiment of diversity, with its music reaching all corners of the globe and spanning genres. Whether you’re a Hip-Hop enthusiast, or a Techno loyalist, or someone who wants to relax to some Lo-Fi tunes, Town Music Group has got something for everyone. Their mission is to make every artist feel included and important and every song worth a listen. Because in the end, creating timeless music is what it’s all about.

Music is in a state of constant evolution, and talents are emerging at unprecedented rates. Youssef clearly understands the scope and potential that this era of global music has to offer. That’s why the Group also welcomes demos, encouraging musicians worldwide to step out of their comfort zones to share and expose their music.

Within a relatively short time, the Town Music Group has transformed from a one-genre record label to a multi-faceted music company. It’s not just about the numbers for Mobayed – it’s about creating a community where talent is celebrated irrespective of follower count, and music is valued beyond commercial appeal. The Group’s unswerving commitment to its artists speaks volumes about its endeavors to make the music industry more artist-friendly.

The future in the music industry resides in the digital space, and Town Music Group is primed to lead the charge. Its unwavering commitment to its artists and its mission to innovate continually, regardless of genre, signals only the beginning of its domination in the global music industry. The Group champions the idea that music is one universal language, and everyone, regardless of where they are, should have the opportunity to experience it.

Embark on a captivating journey with Town Music Group by visiting their official website. Connect with their dynamic community on Twitter or enjoy behind-the-scenes snapshots on their Instagram. Stream a diverse collection of tracks on Spotify and stay updated with music videos and more on their YouTube channel. Join the conversation and get involved with TMG’s community on Facebook.

So, if you’re a rising star in the music world, or an avid music lover in search of something new, step into the musical world of the Town Music Group. Discover music’s future, today.

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