Jenn Vix Takes Us on an Emotional Journey with ‘In The Air Tonight’ Cover

Jenn Vix ft. Vernon Reid of Living Color - In The Air Tonight

Jenn Vix, the strikingly charismatic and talented musician from Providence, Rhode Island, has given a timeless classic a new lease on life. Immersing herself in Phil Collins’ poignant song, “In The Air Tonight,” Vix plumbs its emotional depth, unperturbed by the monumental task of covering such an iconic number. The multi-instrumentalist doesn’t fly solo, as she is accompanied by Vernon Reid, the legendary guitarist from Living Colour, and bassist Kweenbass, creating a mesmerising version of this iconic song.

Having the ear and the vocal range to shift effortlessly from 80s pop to synthpop and new wave, Jenn Vix is an artist who defies stereotypes. Her instrumentation skills, spanning bass, lead guitar, synth, programming, and vocals, lend her music an eclectic edge that is truly irresistible. When she’s not working on her solo albums, EPs or singles, you’ll find her stirring up post-punk magic with Feeney Vix, or collaborating with renowned musicians like Andy Anderson, John Ashton, Ali Score, and Reeves Gabriels.

Vix’s rendition of “In The Air Tonight” was released under the Umbrella Music Co. imprint on September 22, 2023. Besides dominating on drums, electronic drums, synths, and vocals, Vix is the producer of this cover, and the mixing, too, bears her creative stamp. The revelatory energy of the powerhouse trio manifests itself in this track, creating an unforgettable listener experience.

Jenn Vix sensitively manipulates the song’s intensity, her voice capturing the hushed expectancy and emotional undercurrents that catapulted Phil Collins to worldwide fame and built him a decades-long career. She takes us on a journey, her voice guiding us through the narrative with a resonance that commands attention. If you’re in the mood for a nostalgic trip intertwining contemporary elements, Jenn Vix’s “In The Air Tonight” is your ticket to a time capsule.

Not content with just making music, Vix ventures into unique projects such as Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers, a singing skeleton group created by Bob Robertson. She provides both vocals and tracks for this group which you can find on YouTube. She doesn’t shy away from expanding her vocal prowess as she lends her voice to Rodney Linderman of the Dead Milkmen.

Her music career isn’t just impressive for its list of collaborations, but also for the breadth of her solo work. Honoring profound themes of love, loss, introspection, and resilience in her songs, Jenn Vix has released an array of critically acclaimed albums, EPs, and singles. Her music is a magical concoction of sonic ingredients, layered with narrative lyrics. Ohio-bred, Boston-based musician Feeney adds another facet to her already glittering career. Together, they are Feeney Vix, a post-punk duo that has been turning heads and filling ears with their vibrant music.

Jenn’s voice is best described as intense, sultry, and distinct. Her vocal expressions resonate with the likes of Annie Lennox, Shirley Manson, and Florence Welch; each phrase, a testament to the depth of her emotions, her trauma, her passion, and her joy. This commanding vocal force shines through in her rendition of “In The Air Tonight”. Vernon Reid’s tasteful guitar accompaniment highlights the sublime beauty of Jenn’s voice, creating a potent musical blend.

So why revisit this Phil Collins classic? Jenn shares, “I heard “In The Air Tonight” as a child, and it was a dream to record a cover of it. There’s just something about it that stayed with me… Having Vernon Reid on guitar on the track is an honor, he too has a fond memory with the song.”

Be mesmerized by “In The Air Tonight” through Vix’s Official Website and experience the visual magic on YouTube. To be a part of her evolving musical narrative, follow her on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Soundcloud.

With her fearless musical innovation and relentless artistic growth, Jenn Vix continues to redefine standards, not just in the studio but also as a live performer. Her atmospheric brand of music and places her firmly as a creative tour de force in the musical landscape able to carve a unique, indelible imprint in the annals of music.

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