Valore London | Traveling with Valore

Valore London - Traveling with Valore

Valore, Valore londonAs we all look to make the most of the end of summer and take those last-minute getaways to experience the last of the holiday season, we look to the Valore Atelier, the maker of travel goods and accessories. 

The brand is known for its full leather calf ‘Blazon’ monogram and its seriously Italian laboratory, which is centered in Florence, Italy. 

The Valore collection really has enigmatic energy, a certain flamboyance, and a suave personality.

It does something which many luxury brands find hard to achieve, and that is to be overstated and understated, all at the same time. 

Meaning the offering really is for everyone and does not fit one personality profile or gender.

My favorite bag is the Barouche Holdall from the permanent collection, and it’s a classic with reinvented cross-paneled straps which come with locking zips and padlock.

Being full leather monogram, the bags age and become softer with time, which is a big plus, and something buyers of luxury bags should think about, which is the longevity and value of the offering.

My favorite colour is the Cuoio Tan Blazon, which is perfect for all seasons and a real classic. Other colours offered by the brand are – Black, Cobalto blue, Oro green, Bianco white, and Bordeaux. 

It is defiantly refreshing to see a unique monogram brand that is carving its own path and not following the over-saturated marketing methods, which are becoming tiresome to the consumer.

It seems the Valore brand keeps its exclusivity and luxury status through the purity of vision and values and never accepting to dilute or moving away from those values which are held so highly.

I would like to see a flagship open in London in 2023, so let’s watch out for this!

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