Create Fashion Brand – Specialized in High-Quality Clothing With an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Philosophy

Create Fashion Brand

A well-known clothing manufacturer among the world’s biggest clothing brands, this Portuguese-based clothing manufacturer, Create Fashion Brand (CFB), has been around since 1989 and is one of the finest clothing manufacturers on paper and in practice.

Their concept of Clothing and fashion lies a more profound meaning within. CFB’s primary objective for the past 15 years has been to strictly create the highest and the finest quality casual wear or street wear for both men and women using only the best eco-responsible fabrics. 

Create Fashion Brand is one of the worlds leading clothing companies that offers private labeling, eco-friendly manufacturing, and is highly used as a reference or an example in the world fashion market. 

It is not just eco-friendly clothes that they emphasize, but the company strives to be environmentally friendly as possible with two factories, both powered by solar panels, and to top it off, they even use energy-efficient machinery for all their operations.

So what makes Create Fashion Brand one of the finest options for private labeled clothing?

A top-tier company that strives for sustainability and excellence

Create Fashion Brand

As the world advances in fashion, the textile industry has become one of the largest polluters of our environment today. We live in a world where our clothes define our status, our way of life, and somehow our financial strength in the process. 

Part of the problem where the textile industry has shot up in becoming one of the largest polluters is the “fast fashion” trend where people buy “new styles” for a lower price.

The cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality. Since the products are extremely low quality, you can guess they are thrown out not long enough after the consumers purchase them. 

Create Fashion Brand has been striving for the past 15 years to be the solution to this problem, and their progress is surreal. They have always strived to create the perfect eco-friendly clothes with the highest quality in mind. 

Looking into the company’s mission of creating sustainability, they have taken the zero waste policy to the next level. Create Fashion Brand aims to manufacture clothes with materials that can be reused or recycled, where the new seaweed fabric, which is made with naturally sourced seaweed, also comes in.

The seaweed fabric and the company’s strict policy work hand in hand since the fabric is a great contender against environmental challenges. But what’s more significant about the CFB is that they only use seaweed washed up on the beaches to avoid interfering with the marine ecosystem, making them one of the greatest sustainability enthusiasts. 

What big brands is the CFB working with?

Create Fashion Brand

Create Fashion Brand only manufactures the highest quality clothes with eco-responsible fabrics, so big brands are delighted to work with them. Brands such as Balenciaga, Off white, Moschino, Represent Clothing, and Pangaia are some of the biggest brands partnered up with CFB, elevating each other’s statuses in the clothing world.

Wrapping up

The fashion industry is shifting to more eco-friendly Clothing, and CFB is one of the leading manufacturers that had a hand in this shift. The combination of style and quality without compromising on their mission for sustainability has earned them quite the reputation among the world’s biggest brands and fashion enthusiasts. 

Rua de Quintas 175,
4740-691 Barqueiros, Portugal

Phone & Email:
+351 252132697 | +351 912148425

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