Nueve Los Angeles: Bringing a New Sustainable Fashion Sense to the Masses

Nueve Los Angeles

Not long ago, the idea of sustainable fashion summoned unflattering clothing items that, quite honestly, no one would be willing to spend good money on. Fortunately, this phenomenon has taken a turn for the best, and now you can find everyone coming up with new brands of sustainable fashion that are also trendy.

Likewise, the founder of Nueve Los Angeles, Cristiane Bachmann, joined the movement in 2021, creating a completely dedicated brand to give people the fashion and style they crave while keeping it modern, eco-friendly, and trendy.

Hence, she decided to pay more attention to herself as a consumer and started making a more conscious decisions, ultimately establishing an incredible business venture that found the balance between style and sustainability.

Nueve Los Angeles goes through a rigorous process of picking out different brands that fit the criteria they set for conscious fashion. Every brand the company represents is thoroughly vetted to be the best at what they claim. 

An essential criterion for the company is that the brands should be willing to change and improve to be a better version of what is considered to lower the carbon footprint on the earth. Check out their extensive collection here.

What is the goal behind Nueve Los Angeles?

According to Bachmann, the company’s goal is not just to introduce sustainable and eco-friendly brands but also to empower the masses to make conscious decisions in their everyday lives. Bachmann sees it as a way to educate consumers on how what they consume can have an impact on the planet.

The result should be more environment-conscious people asking the right questions and considering the safest options when shopping. People should feel the need to take responsibility for building a better tomorrow for future generations.  

How exactly is Nueve Los Angeles introducing a new sense of fashion to consumers?

For Bachmann, she believes that the tiniest decisions and the smallest steps can play a massive role in taking a step in the right direction. Considering that she also started the same way, it is justified how she has come a long way from making responsible decisions about her lifestyle and creating something that provides excellent options for like-minded individuals like her and encourages other people to do the same.

She states that Nueve is not a brand looking to perfect the world of fashion. It’s almost impossible to turn the wheels on a system that has been around for hundreds of years, catering to billions of people. 

However, she does believe that establishing companies like Nueve van plays a massive part in inculcating the meaning of better consumerism.

And that’s a good step in the right direction.

If you want to know more about the company, you can check out Nueve Los Angeles’ official website or even visit their Instagram page to keep up with their updates on social media.

Learn more about the founder, Cristiane Bachmann, by following her on Instagram.

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