Brandon Ivan Peña | Changing the World and Innovating Coffee

Brandon Ivan Peña

Coffee is a must-have beverage for many people worldwide. It’s the beverage that gets most people through the day, whether it’s cappuccino, espresso, or black coffee. Brandon Ivan Peña, an entrepreneur, is now offering a unique type of coffee experience to coffee lovers all over the world.

“I’m the owner of 787 Coffee that, began from coffee plant to cup-coffee experience. 787 Coffee is all about creating memories. Therefore we concentrate on human interactions. “Our Company has a coffee farm based in Puerto Rico where we produce, process, and roast coffee beans from the farm itself, resulting in the finest cup. I’m currently in charge of the staff of three coffee shops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Maricao that are ready to open and a coffee farm in full operation and growing. Brandon continues, “The Company has opened five more open coffee shops in New York City and two locations under construction.”

Brandon runs a flourishing coffee company in addition to managing BrandOn. This firm specializes in motivational seminars, brand consulting, and other services. He has already accomplished a lot at such a young age and is only getting started.

 “BrandON, my brand, offers motivational seminars and business consulting. Brandon adds I’ve worked on some of the most notorious marketing campaigns in the world. I’m a trade marketer and have had many amazing accomplishments in my career. Some of my greatest achievements include being one of the 1st Latinos to get a Facebook Conference invitation, one of the top coffees Companies in the world, and attending and speaking at some of the world’s top conferences: Social Media Week, Digital Shanghai, C2MTL, SXSW, and others.”

He has been managing and running another marketing firm that has been very successful for years. However, he decided to abandon his firm to focus and pursue his other interests and to serve as a role model for other entrepreneurs. He followed his inner prompting and a lifelong interest in people and coffee.

“For the past twenty years, I’ve been managing accounts in marketing, business consulting, and creating content. Business has always been good; I’ve met wonderful business individuals; and have always been inspired by amazing stories, businesses, and methods. I’m a professional who believes in pushing businesses to develop. I take it personally and encourage entrepreneurs to think outside the box. I assist businesses in determining and focusing on the main goal. As a result, I decided to set an example for others by striving to improve myself and investing in things that I like: people and coffee.” says Brandon Ivan Peña.

Brandon is doing everything he can to make the most of challenging times, as 2020 has been challenging for many people. Despite the pandemic’s difficulties, 2020 has been an excellent year for him. His following objectives include expanding both of his enterprises to new heights.

“2020 has been an incredible year for me. I’ve spent more time connecting with myself and developing the brandON strategy and where I want 787 Coffee and Hacienda Iluminada to go. I’m working on my first book for brandON, and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be discussing many things I’ve learned throughout my career, including attending a few of the world’s best social media and business conferences and interacting with some of the most innovative brains. Hacienda Iluminada – This coffee farm is a haven with open cabins, coffee tours, and a zoo where people may reconnect with nature and discover the inner you. We’re expanding our presence for 787 Coffee, with more locations to transform the world with one cup of coffee at a time.” Brandon adds.

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