Ari Stiegler | Entrepreneur Develops an Innovative Way To Connect Quickly

ari stiegler phonetag
ari stiegler phonetag

With the Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of Pfizer’s COVID-19 immunization, a tide of optimism has swept the nation. A large population of Americans is ecstatic that their lives may resume back to normal in the year 2021. Many people have spent months trapped in a variety of isolation conditions, and the expectations that social interactions—from birthday parties to business meetings—will soon resume gives them hope. However, Ari Stiegler at PhoneTag decided to take the matter into his own hands by developing a new and innovative way to connect quickly.

The introduction Of PhoneTag

The recent formation of a new business, led by entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ari Stiegler and Noah Friedman, aims to simplify the process of establishing connections and developing relationships as these events inevitably return.

Stiegler, along with his co-partner Noah Friedman, launched PhoneTag, which is a new hardware technology startup that employs NFC technology to enable persons to interchange contact information quickly and easily.

Arie Stiegler On PhoneTag

PhoneTag as defined by Ari Stiegler is a tiny chip that has an NFC transmitter implanted that people attach to the back of smartphones. Users simply need to tap their mobile devices together to exchange a collection of data, including email addresses, phone numbers, Snapchat usernames, and even social media accounts, when they meet new people and want to exchange their contact details.

“Mobile technology has advanced at a breakneck pace during the previous three decades, however the way we exchange information—asking people to note down their contact details or exchanging mobile phones to manually save new contacts—has barely altered since early 1990s,” Stiegler added.

“People need a smart way to exchange information and get started on new relationships with the arrival of a vaccine and professional and personal social gatherings resuming.”

How PhoneTag Operates?

Stiegler stated PhoneTag design incorporates many security features to make sure that users only share the information that they wish to exchange. The app that handles the NFC tag will be available on Google Play and App Store. This software allows users to choose exactly which social media accounts to share or exchange before tapping others’ phones.

PhoneTag utilizes near-field communication or NFC technology for transmitting electronic data between two devices at close ranges. The most popular application of NFC is Apple Pay and Google Pay, according to Stiegler.

“Myself and my business colleague Noah, witnessed how deeply this technology has modernized and revolutionized transactions,” Stiegler explained. “We felt that the concept could be applied for exchanging information, our modern world’s currency.”

Stiegler has spent the vast majority of his career in the foreground of social progress and technology. Stiegler’s success as an entrepreneur began while he was a student at the Univ of Southern California. There he developed the program called Lyft Ambassador. With its vision, Stiegler’s firm has attracted hundreds and thousands of users to join it’s rideshare platform, in addition to the nascent industry taking flight.

He has gone on to found a number of enterprises aimed at bringing cutting-edge models and technology into the public consciousness. Stiegler’s company, TutorMe, uses a full online platform to link college students with qualified tutors from a range of topics. Stiegler is currently working on advances in green energy storage, which will help make green energy transition cost-effectively and more efficiently.

“Like these businesses, we think PhoneTag offers a new technology-enabled service which helps improve networking and interactions,” Stiegler added. “I am certain PhoneTag will help solve this obligation and inspire Americans to establish new, long-term relationships as life return back to normal following a difficult year.”

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