Darlene Jessica | Building Her Brand “The Magic Potions”

Darlene Hernandez On Building Her Brand

Darlene Jessica started her ascent in the business world in early 2016 when she started developing her own haircare products at home. As a girl struggling to maintain and tame her curly waves, her only solution after years of trying to tame it was to take the problem into her own hands and finally create a solution.

Fortunately for her, her hard work and determination to develop the perfect product played in her favor. After relentless research and testing, she ended up with a list of ingredients that she found worked best for her type of hair.

However, Darlene did not monetize on this until she was able to perfect the solution and and hone her secret talent. Instead, she took years to focus on the efficacy of the products, tested them vigorously, and took another two years embarking on a journey to find herself and entry into the beauty and wellness industry.

How Darlene Curated Her Brand:

As an avid believer in crystal healing, tarots, and nature, Darlene’s inspiration behind the name of her company came quickly to her- with MAGIC being the keyword. For years, Darlene struggled to keep her curly waves in check. Being the only family member with curly hair, it was a new challenge for her and her entire family to understand what works and what doesn’t for her hair.

As a result, like many of us, she ended up trying out every single product in the market hoping for at least one product to work in her favor. And since many brands today are filled with harsh chemicals that strip the hair of its natural supplements, she had a difficult time finding anything that actually worked.

Ultimately, it only made her hair prone to breakage, and she was left with worse-than-ever hair.

After many years of experiencing failure looking for the perfect solution, Darlene finally decided to create her product after scouring the internet for the right ingredients. Since the internet is a literal treasure trove for people who love to speak about what doesn’t work, she was able to narrow down the list to a few ingredients that did.

After creating this list, she decided to whip up something try it out herself. And of course, to Darlene’s surprise, it actually worked.

Finally with a solution to her problem, and many others online, she found herself with the golden egg. Finally in the palm of her hand, a product that covered everything she needed for all these years!

Despite what you may think however, she didn’t immediately go into business mode. She gradually worked her way from a prototype solution to about 5-6 years later, when she decided to take the leap of faith and officially launched her brand.

In these few years, she spent her time perfecting the solution and the formula so she could get the best use out of the ingredients she was using.

And during a trip to Maine, she encountered people who planted and grew some of the ingredients she used in her products. While developing a relationship, she learned more about the importance in ethical processing and manufacturing when it comes to hair car.

And as you would expect, this inspired her even more to start working on her brand and push her vision forward.

The Materialization Of The Magic Potions:

Darlene, a mother of two with a creative mindset and an adventurous soul, never backed faced the challenge head on.

In early 2022, nearly 6 years after she started making her hair care products at home, Darlene launched a full-blown company called The Magic Potions. This skincare and haircare brand is clearly her pride and joy (obviously not as much as the two beautiful children) but something she’s absolutely found her heart in.

Surprisingly, the initial goal for Darlene was to give people a product they could use to tackle the same issues she had been facing with her hair. Hence, it started as a hair care line. But with her rising clientele, and the success of her brand, she started a skincare line as well. Of course, only focusing and implementing the same level and quality of natural ingredients that made her first products a success.

Darlene, like anyone with curly and wavy hair, created a product that could enhance the beauty of the natural growth of hair; without having to resort to harsh chemicals. After facing her own struggles along the way, today, she is helping many girls care for their curly waves with a healthier and smarter choice.

Why It Works

Having had her own experience with hair and skin problems, Darlene’s advocacy in formulating products that tackle these known problems are exceptional. Darlene’s knack for creativity, an unquenchable thirst for undertaking new challenges, and her strong motivation have all played a massive role in helping her reach the position that she is in today.

Combining all-natural and safe products, The Magic Potions is now considered a brand that successfully handles the issues and problems with textured hair, hyperpigmentation on the skin, and other common problems women face every single day.

The Future Of The Magic Potions

For Darlene, The Magic Potions is not merely a hair product or skincare brand that is out to capitalize on the common issues many women face across the globe. Instead, the goal of Darlene as the founder of the company wants to address these issues but, at the same time, give people the solutions that they long for.

Having already gone through the struggle of not finding what she needs in the market, she understands that there must be little girls like herself around the globe struggling to maintain and tame their hair, take care of their skin, and provide self-care. However, because of the lack of result-proven products in the market, as she knows more than anyone else, it becomes a source of stress.

Darlene, with her brand, is taking the initiative to remove this barrier from the industry and let people find the answers they need. Darlene can justify her products’ effectiveness first hand with all her products and completely stands by every single one. What seemed to be impossible for a younger Darlene is now a reality. And as you’ll see… she has long, luscious hair that falls to her back and skin that glows as if she no longer suffers from hyperpigmentation.

So it is no surprise that she has garnered a massive following on social media for her and her company. All she hopes for her customers and fanbase to understand is that they are not alone in their hair and skin care battles, and they’ve got someone in their corner who has infused genuine love and care into every product she sells.

Like any business owner, she is keen on growing her company to the heights she dreams of. To add to the mix is her passion as an artist, which allows her to have an open mind about trying out new things and thinking outside the box – a skill that is very much in use in the type of industry that she is involved in.

If you’re interested in her products or want to try them, head to her website, The Magic Potions, to shop. If you want to stay updated on all upcoming events, offers, and promotions, you can follow the business page on Instagram. You can also follow her personal account to learn more about the brains behind the creation of the brand.

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