Era Cinema: Shaping the Future of Film with Levi Lobo

Levi Lobo - Era Cinema
Photo by: Lora Martinez-Cunningham

Levi Lobo is rewriting the narrative in the gleaming echelons of Hollywood, where tales are typically woven around established stars and familiar stories. His story is one of resilience, determination, and a relentless quest for representation. As a trailblazer carving a unique path in the film industry, Lobo champions diversity and authenticity through his visionary project, Era Cinema, marking a new chapter in the annals of cinematic history.

Levi Lobo’s journey begins in the low-income neighborhoods of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Growing up, Lobo found solace in the world of stories, particularly those that mirrored his Hispanic and indigenous roots. It was the character of Zorro that captured his imagination, igniting a dream that would one day lead him to the world of filmmaking.

Breaking into the film industry is no mean feat, especially for someone outside the traditional Hollywood nexus. Levi Lobo faced numerous challenges, from economic constraints to the industry’s reluctance to embrace diverse narratives. But it wasn’t just the doors that were hard to open; it was also about maintaining integrity once inside. At one of the world’s largest film studios, Lobo was pressured to dilute his stories for broader appeal. His refusal marked a turning point, leading him to establish Era Cinema.

Era Cinema isn’t just a production company; it’s a testament to Lobo’s commitment to storytelling authenticity. It aims to be a sanctuary for independent creatives from varied backgrounds, offering tools and support for film and script development. Lobo’s vision is to democratize the filmmaking process, making it accessible and inclusive.

What makes Levi Lobo and his journey compelling is his willingness to take risks and defy the odds. His sacrifices and dedication are not just about personal success but about creating a lasting impact. With experience in packaging projects and navigating the complexities of the industry, Lobo is now focused on mentoring and empowering other aspiring filmmakers. He envisions Era Cinema as a bridge that extends beyond traditional barriers, helping newcomers secure executive roles, financing, and opportunities in every facet of film production.

Lobo’s ultimate ambition is to rise as a bankable A-list star, a status that he believes will enable him to amplify underrepresented narratives. His dream of playing Zorro is emblematic of this desire, representing not just a personal achievement but a broader commitment to cultural representation.

As of now, Era Cinema boasts an ambitious slate of 10 projects, each spotlighting stories from diverse communities. These projects are not just films; they are vessels of change, inviting financiers and collaborators who are keen on fostering diversity in storytelling.

Levi Lobo’s narrative is more than an individual success story; it’s a beacon of hope for every underrepresented voice striving to be heard in the film industry. Through Era Cinema, Lobo is not just ensuring a seat at the table for these voices but is also working towards a future where stories from all walks of life are not only heard but felt and understood. In the world of film, where representation matters more than ever, Levi Lobo stands as a vanguard of change, proving that the power of diverse storytelling is the key to a more inclusive and vibrant cinematic landscape.

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