A Dive into Carles Pereira’s Music and Self-Titled Album

Carles Pereira

Barcelona-born musician Carles Pereira has always held an intimate bond with music. From the moment his baby ears deciphered melodies to the day he proudly showcased his inaugural thump on a drum set at the tender age of one, Pereira knew music had chosen him. Growing up, his flair was honed by rhythmic echoes from renowned names such as Phil Collins, U2, and The Police.

Pereira firmly advocates for authenticity as a creative artist. A drummer, composer, and music enthusiast, he underscores the importance of sticking to one’s unique flair instead of succumbing to the pressure of conformity. His conviction: being truthful to your creative instincts attracts the right audience and keeps your art thriving.

Having spanned multiple continents, from the United States to China, Switzerland, and Singapore, Pereira’s international exposure has immersed him in a plethora of diverse cultures and musical styles. These experiences, together with his multilingual prowess in Spanish, Catalan, English, and Brazilian Portuguese, have played out harmoniously as strong cultural influences in his music.

Self-titled album, “Carles Pereira”

Pereira recently released his self-titled album, “Carles Pereira“. This solid display of expertise floats between modern and straight-ahead jazz while interweaving minor elements of rock and pop. The eight-track, 40-minute project encompasses jazz-infused harmonic progressions, a clear intuitiveness of tonal centers, and hints at Pereira’s influences and experiences. Notable tracks “Afrovideo”, “Rainfall”, and “Until We Meet Again” beautifully encapsulate the album’s spirit. It’s the type of album that fills you with surprise but also a sense of fulfillment and clarity.

In terms of future aspirations – Pereira plans to perform his music in New York and hopefully, around the globe as well. Fans who want to keep up with these exciting developments should connect with him on his Instagram, while they can tap into his music and latest projects on his Spotify.

For those just tuning into the rhythm of his music, Pereira describes it as an exhilarating ensemble of modern jazz, rock, and pop. The strong jazz influence in form and structure coupled with nods to his rock and pop origins make his sound unique and relatable. When asked about his dream collaboration, Pat Metheny topped the list.

With more than a decade of international performing experience across varied genres – world music, jazz, funk, rock, fusion, pop, R&B, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and others, and equipped with a BM in Drum Set Performance from Berklee and an MM in Jazz Composition from NEC, Carles Pereira is an artist with a richly-layered perspective and innovative sound. Staying true to his beliefs, Pereira’s art is a beautiful testament to a life dedicated to music and creativity – and we’re here for it.

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