Introducing the Faith Tribe Ambassadors: Fashion’s Vanguard in Phygital Innovation

Faith Tribe

In an era where innovation is the lifeblood of the fashion industry, Faith Tribe Ltd. confidently takes the center stage with the announcement of its inaugural cohort of Ambassadors. These are not just any ambassadors, but a fusion of tradition and technology, each echoing the values of Faith Tribe.

Set to roll out its membership platform this month, Faith Tribe offers a unique “phygital” utility toolkit—a blend of physical and digital tools—that will be the game changer for the fashion-forward. Members can anticipate solutions for manufacturing, distribution of fashion items, and engaging content from industry experts. However, it’s the collaborative spirit that stands tall in this initiative.

Maria Buccellati, the passionate Co-founder of Faith Tribe and President of Faith Connexion, put it beautifully, “The Ambassadors represent the essence of Faith Tribe. Their dedication to artistry and sustainable practices is the embodiment of what our Tribe stands for.”

Diving into this eclectic group of Ambassadors:

  • Alexandre Bertrand, once a Parisian stylist dabbling in the magic of magazines, found his home with Faith Connexion as their Head of Design. His career is a testament to the potent mix of music, art, and fashion.
  • Winston Bartholomew III, a former architect and now a streetwear mogul, is no stranger to innovation. Having worked alongside icons like Snoop Dogg and Fivio Foreign, and securing a win in HBO’s “The Hype, Season 2”, Barth champions the on-demand manufacturing model that Faith Tribe proudly promotes.
  • Nayibe Warchausky redefines jewelry. This Venezuelan artist, with her training spanning the US and Italy, transforms unconventional materials into ‘wearable pieces of art’. For her, Faith Tribe is a platform to further the mission of protecting global craftsmanship.
  • Then we have the prodigy, Andrea Albrizio, who made waves in the fashion industry while still in high school. His phygital approach to fashion led to the revolutionary introduction of an Augmented Reality garment at Paris Fashion Week. The Parisian marvel views phygital as a gateway to uncharted territories of creativity.

Andrea Abrams, Faith Tribe’s Chief of Strategy, aptly mentions, “These Ambassadors are the front runners in their fields, with their tales of ingenuity bound to spark inspiration in our community.”

In a strategic move to keep the momentum, Faith Tribe will be introducing new Ambassadors every six months. The next big event on the horizon? The Phygital Fashion Show of Digital Fashion Week NYC, which promises to be a spectacle, showcasing the creative genius of Winston Bartholomew and Andrea Albrizio.

Ending on a high note, Wahid Chammas, Faith Tribe’s Co-founder, envisions a revolutionary change. He states, “Our platform aims to democratize fashion, giving independent designers the tools and mentorship to flourish.”

In essence, Faith Tribe is not just a platform but an ecosystem. Offering a plethora of Web3 tools, both off-chain and on-chain solutions, and sustainable partnerships, Faith Tribe is steadfast in its mission to amplify the success of creators from diverse backgrounds.

For those eager to dive deeper into the Faith Tribe universe, a visit to is a good starting point.

— Fashion, as we know it, is evolving, and with Faith Tribe leading the way, the future looks dazzlingly phygital.

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