Starting a New Path: Hanna’s Journey from Ethiopia to Changing Healthcare Jobs in America


Under the smooth running of the healthcare world, one woman saw problems – bad communication, slow worker planning, and big differences in pay. This was where Hanna, the hardworking CEO and starter of ProNurse Registry, decided to change things for healthcare workers and places in 2021.

Using her experience from different healthcare situations, Hanna, from Ethiopia, imagined a new way for workers to control their careers again. In a complicated industry, she tackled these problems, starting ProNurse Registry. Her company helps healthcare places and good nurses connect, and makes the hiring process better and fair.

After seeing many problems in healthcare places, Hanna turned her observations into a new solution. The issues weren’t because of a lack of wanting to help or not enough skills. Instead, it was problems in healthcare jobs — like worries about low pay, changing work hours, and hard management — that stopped the best healthcare services.

Connecting her Ethiopian background, nursing studies and strong desire to change, Hanna changed from a serious student to a leader in healthcare. Her story isn’t just about someone from another country making it in America; it’s about someone who wanted to change things for the better.

Her success is due to her ability to make and use friendships, and her strong vision. Her skill in making connections was key in how ProNurse Registry became a successful healthcare job business.

Hanna’s plan for ProNurse Registry was based on wanting to do well but also caring for her coworkers. She wanted to better the lives and work of her friends. This dream in 2021 changed the way people thought about healthcare jobs. Simply put, Hanna made healthcare jobs more about people.

Even though some doubted her at first, Hanna achieved what many thought was impossible. Her never-give-up attitude and brave decisions took her from having little to making a big change in healthcare jobs.

Today, Hanna is not just known as a business leader; she’s remembered for changing healthcare jobs. Her bravery, dreams, and strength inspire other people wanting to start businesses to think differently and lead.

There’s more to her story, but her commitment to making healthcare jobs better never changes. She not only started a big change; she brought a new idea to a set industry, showing that tough situations couldn’t stop her.

A common saying among Hanna’s fans describes her way of leading: “With Hanna, you see a mix of smart thinking and strong feelings, a combination that’s hard to find but very strong.” From Ethiopia to America, going through tough times in healthcare, Hanna’s story shows determination that made ProNurse Registry succeed. Now, just as she wanted, healthcare jobs offer convenience, flexibility, and fair pay for healthcare workers.

Curious to see Hanna’s day-to-day journey and the behind-the-scenes of ProNurse Registry? Dive into her visual diary on Instagram. If you’re eager for more comprehensive insights and resources, don’t forget to swing by the ProNurse Registry Website. For those who appreciate real-time interactions, Hanna’s Facebook awaits your click!

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