DeJuan Ford Productions Set to Ignite the Screen with Black Strait Blues

Black Strait Blues

DeJuan Ford Productions prepares to release the debut feature film from writer/director Xavier MIles. Sparked by a chance meeting at an Atlanta based studio, and fueled by a desire to craft beautiful and compelling films, DeJuan & Xavier have produced two feature films, both set to release in 2023 — Black Strait Blues, a gritty crime drama set on Detroit’s westside is an unfiltered look at life in the city. From scammers to violence to love, Black Strait Blues is a thrilling narrative that will leave viewers craving a sequel.

What do a Bounty Hunter, Sex Worker , Gangster and Baby-Faced Hustler have in common? DETROIT. Lives collide in four Motor City stories of dreams…and violence.

After finally freeing herself of an abusive pimp, Kimora found success on IG and as a call girl for NFL players, but even that’s grown tiresome. When an awkward client comes to her with the scam of a lifetime, Kimora knows it’s her big break–the only catch? She’ll have to find her old pimp to make her scam work.

Thrust into the lethal Detroit Underworld, Coop matures from a street level hustler to frontman of a million dollar operation, but there’s always a hook behind the bait.

Stoic, Intelligent, street smart, Hakeem isn’t like the other guys in his set. Artist, Father, Gangbanger … One of these is not like the other and Hakeem knows it. After a close call at a Trap House, Hakeem is forced by the others in his gang to make it right. It’s up to Hakeem to replace the guns lost in the attack, or else. Hakeem deals with a drug-addicted baby mama, shady gun dealers and his own conscience as he struggles to find a way out of the streets for him and his daughter.

It only takes one big moment to change life forever. At least, that’s what Eddie keeps telling himself after every bounty. Just one more gig. When a raid against local gangsters goes tragically wrong, a violent gang war ignites. To collect the bounty, Eddie must win an insidious game of cat and mouse.

About Faim Films

Faim Films is an award winning production company specializing in urban dramas that showcase Detroit culture. Additionally, Faim Films partners with a wide list of production houses with the goal of telling unique stories that push the envelope of what is to be expected from independent Detroit cinema.

To connect with or learn more about DeJuan Ford, visit his IMdB or Instagram pages.

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