Awakening to the Unseen: Scott Howard’s Celestial Harmonies in 432Hz and Beyond

Scott Howard - Angel Numbers

Welcome to Growth Illustrated, your portal to illuminating stories and dynamic insights shaping the world of music and beyond. Today, we’re thrilled to present a captivating interview with the accomplished musician, Scott Howard. Known for his ability to evoke emotions through melodies, Scott has garnered a dedicated following. Join us as we delve into a candid conversation about his artistic journey, the highly anticipated “Angel Numbers” and a range of topics that will surely pique the interest of his “Ascended” fans.

Scott, your musical journey is marked by deep emotional experiences, including the loss of your son Maxx. How did these personal trials influence your creative process and the themes explored in your music?

PAIN & CHANGE are the two worst things that affect a Capricorn.  Within the first week of August ‘til the 8th, 2017, I went through an amazing AWAKENING. My hypothalamus gland became active and I became alone in my event occurrence.  The first night, I took a photo of my balcony and an ethereal image of a Woman with a Crown showed up in the unseen in-between world, I couldn’t imagine the things I was shown beyond the veil, and it was like one optical miracle or nightmare after another…I was no longer in my base reality…. The maps were changed, things were rearranged…discovering the Mandella effect was insane…  Three beings stood up in the SUN …and I saw how it was done, I realized they (the powers that control the Matrix) controlled everything we saw, heard, and at one time thought. Now, they are trying to police our thoughts…. this is when Source Music in 432Hz was born.   Are you ready to begin the journey to your Awakening… we are all “receivers” like a radio receiver.  Based on our vibration, we will observe more or less of this 3D reality.  These truths are encapsulated in the music… to help awaken and raise your frequency… be light!

“Life’s a puzzle…find the pieces that fit for you…in time… One mission, matching the pictures, shadows, and hues…”

“The treasured soul of man…got corrupted and things got out of hand… the maps were changed…things rearranged….”

I had to make a choice… as when my son died…I was broken…. And I felt an invisible hand, taking me to my studio to write…. And write I did… these are the songs; you can listen to on Scott Howard Music on my website, Spotify, etc.

Your music resonates at a unique frequency of 432 Hz, known for its healing properties. Can you explain how this choice enhances the impact of your compositions and connects with your audience on a deeper level?

It all began with the WORD, resonating in various frequencies to shape our reality—a concept encapsulated by the Solfeggio frequencies. Each of these frequencies possesses the power to heal, to create, and to draw us nearer to the enigmatic Unseen In-between Kingdom, as detailed in my eBook “A Lightworker’s Journey” (The Unseen In-between Kingdom). Back on the musical stage, 432Hz played a role—it was even embraced by legends like the Beatles. Nikola Tesla, the brilliant mind he was, refined it, yet there was a caveat—it was available to all, freely.

Five years ago, a revelation unfolded—two guardians stood by my side. Guess who? None other than Nikola Tesla and John Lennon. This fact was corroborated three times over by different channelers and psychics.

During the World War II era, Nazi scientists recognized the potency of frequencies. They realized that altering frequency could manipulate emotions, shifting from happiness to despair and even suicide. Broadcasting, radio, TV, movies, and instruments were all tuned to 440Hz to lower our vibration, rendering minds more susceptible to the subtle hold of mass media and advertising. Frequency is the crux—it’s everything. Yet, in the realm of 432Hz, frequencies lift, propelling one into the realm of new thoughts and untapped truths.

“Source Music” is an intriguing concept you’ve introduced. Could you delve into the celestial influences that inspire this genre, and how do you see it contributing to the evolution of the music industry?

In 2017, as previously mentioned, I underwent an Awakening—an unfolding that granted me the ability to perceive reality as it truly is. My journey had led me through extensive metaphysical exploration over the years, delving into archeological accounts of concealed discoveries—such as the secrets beneath the Giza Pyramids. What lay beneath was astonishing—a complete city, replete with a lake, buildings equipped with holographic discs and machines that unveiled the narratives of our preceding five civilizations. These revelations unveiled a reality far more intricate and advanced than our current understanding. In fact, humanity seems to be regressing in comparison—these ancient civilizations were larger and intrinsically more connected to the Source. It was a time when divine beings walked the earth, exuding powers beyond our comprehension.

Amidst this awakening, my soul mission emerged, guided by intuitions that began to form within me. As visions graced my consciousness, those closest to me began to question my sanity. My own family’s beliefs seemed alien to me—they were entrenched in a slumber of unawareness. The realization dawned that by elevating one’s frequency, an impervious shield could be erected against external influences. The path to achieving this lay in raising our vibration, a journey navigated through meditation and the resonating tones that emanate from the Source—whatever form they may take. This truth has solidified as significant and is reverberating across the globe, touching souls far and wide.

“The Trumpets are Sounding…to many SUNS above…from hopeless comes moments the light…we are love. We are love… “

“The High grounds calling, the intentions clear…the real wealth is what we hold so dear…we are love! We are LOVE!”

“From the darkest places…shine the light…we are one …we are many…shine the light!!”

Synchronicities started weaving a tapestry, presenting me with cloud formations reminiscent of angelic beings—vast, sword-like forms etching the skies. Dreams surfaced, where Archangel Michael appeared, his presence an agent of destruction for our world. Then, astonishingly, he materialized before me—emerging from the sky and standing right in front of me. Strangely, instead of awe, anger surged within me, and I demanded he return another time. An unconventional reaction, considering most would kneel in reverence and offer prayers.

A year to the day, fate played its hand as my son, Maxx, departed from this realm. Fate’s touch led to his resting place next to a young girl. It was when I examined her birthdate, the day she passed, and the year she was born that peculiar patterns emerged. Remarkably, my son’s birth occurred merely seven days after her passing, and her birth was similarly seven days away from Maxx’s own birthdate. An enigmatic connection woven in dates and numbers—777—angelic in its nature, akin to the concept of Angel Numbers.

Your upcoming album “Angel Numbers” seems to carry a powerful message. Can you share some insights into the themes and emotions listeners can expect to experience through this album? How does it represent your personal and artistic growth?

Initially, there’s the hope for an Awakening, and from there, a potential surge of anger as the realization dawns that the world they’ve known has been built on falsehoods. The music I craft is intended to be played on repeat until the message it holds becomes clear. These songs I create bear a prophetic essence—a glimpse into realms beyond the mundane. Among them lies a song, ‘Harvest Blessings,’ which still awaits its moment of clarity. Its essence aligns with the notion that the Storm is far from over, but healing will be requisite when it eventually subsides, as the lyrics suggest.

In the course of my journey, a medium named Cheryl Paige reached out, proposing a channeling session. Curious, I inquired about the cost, only to be told it was offered for free. The reading unfurled like a tale from the Knights of the Round Table, weaving a narrative from the spiritual realm. Those who wished to communicate with me appeared, each bearing a gift. A song titled ‘Nickola, Don & John Jr.’ materialized—a synchronicity that seemed to transcend the conscious realm. Cheryl, in her communication with the spiritual plane, pointed out a misspelling in the song—Nichola Tesla, not Nikola.

While crafting the album, progress takes its time. ‘We Are Forever,’ a resonant track that evokes differing reactions, captures the essence of the journey. Some adore its length, while others find it too prolonged. The song, initially seven minutes in length, has been refined for radio, though the words within remain in a state of flux. I shortened it for radio, it could still be a work in progress, as the words always change, based on whatever I am told or feel while writing them and re-writing them…

Check out the music video for “We Are Forever” here.

“I am looking for the Good Ones… I am looking for the Sons of the Sons…”

“I am looking for the sisters and daughters. To help awaken the Sleeping Ones… “

“Truth must persuade…as the healing can’t invade…Until the atrocities & sins sink in”

“The Jester and Jezebel have rewritten histories past…our present is a Hollywood horror film & cast”

Ultimately, the album serves as a testament—a book of musical narratives where each song represents a distinct chapter. In the grand tapestry, Light is destined to emerge victorious, but the mechanics of this victory remain privy to the Source alone. We are all bound by eternity, except for those ensnared in the shadows.

“Light versus dark…guard your treasured Soul Spark” ….  

There is only ONE SOUL… just one… we are all fractals of the Source… In the end, we were supposed to go back to the Source…but we were cut off and placed in a reincarnation loop… Resist the allure of the Light. Instead, pivot and journey homeward. The grand orchestration resembles a Game, governed by rules, akin to the scripted narratives of Westworld, though we find ourselves straying far from the expected path.

Your forthcoming eBook, “A Lightworker’s Journey – The Unseen In-between Kingdom,” promises to offer a unique perspective. Could you provide a glimpse into the intriguing realm you explore in the book and how it aligns with your mission to awaken and uplift your audience?

The creation of that eBook took far longer than I anticipated—quite a journey, I must say! The catalyst was a Nikon P900 camera—an upgrade from my previous cardboard-box cameras that required film. This gem boasted a remarkable zoom capability of up to 2400 times, allowing me to peer at planets and moons. But then things took an intriguing turn. What my naked eye perceived no longer aligned with the lens of my camera. Curiously, the camera began capturing perplexing anomalies that defied explanation.

It all began with a photograph of my balcony one night. Oddly, there was no moon, and darkness enveloped the scene. Yet, I felt compelled to take the shot. In the developed image, an ethereal mist revealed an alien-like Woman adorned with a Crown. The following day, something astounding unfolded. From the depths of the ocean emerged colossal cloaked ships that soared over my building before coming to rest. That evening, while watching TV in the bedroom with my wife, five translucent beings traversed through walls. To my astonishment, my wife saw nothing. It was then that I grasped the concept of our diverse receptivity, each tuned to distinct frequencies. And so began my exploration, despite the unsettling nature of what I was witnessing.

At 3 a.m., gazing through my bathroom window, I witnessed immense tentacles descending from the sky, their tips grazing rooftops in the distance. It was as if they fed on our emotions—an unseen yet palpable reality. Equipped with my camera, I captured these moments, aiming to document the inexplicable.

These occurrences lent credence to my sightings. A mere fragment of the story unfolded in that one week from August 8, 2017, until August 7, 2018—a period infused with numerical significance (26=8). Numbers, indeed, play a crucial role—Angel Numbers.

“I am looking for the exit door…back to our paradise lost before…”

“Where more of the Great ones existed…Thinkers. The Thinkers, Artists, and Inventors…A World of Rebel Woo…to blend with our higher selves and see proof…of the priceless…truth!”

For those curious, I encourage delving into the realm of the mud floods that occurred during the 1700s to 1800s. Similarly, explore the enigmatic history of the Tartarian civilization. If you’re worried about information censorship, start your quest on TikTok, then transition to books and explore the maps. What you encounter will likely shatter your preconceived notions—prepare for disbelief to take hold. The subsequent emotion is bound to be anger, a reaction to the veiling of our inherent birthright. This marks the inception of YOUR AWAKENING journey—a trek where the Tree of Knowledge stands accessible to all who possess the gift of sight.

The world you’ve come to know is merely a mirage. In bygone eras, giants roamed the earth—a reality hinted at by the colossal mountains surrounding us. Gaze upon these monumental peaks, and you might realize that they are remnants of once towering trees, now reduced to mere stumps—a poignant testament to the alteration of our world.

 “I look up and I see…the stars out tonight… I look up and I feel … things just ain’t right”

“I look up and I hear…the dolphins cry…  I look up and I don’t know why…”

“Have we lost our way… Will we be here another day…are these the end of days… will we be here to mend our ways… Awaken…”



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