Tarah Who? – The Showdown Review 

Tarah Who - The Showdown

Tarah Who? is an interesting artist in the modern music zeitgeist context. Her music is rough around the edges and different from what you would consider mainstream. However, this doesn’t at all hold her back, and in fact, it allows her to stand out from her peers as a musician and a personality. This is personified in her latest single, “The Showdown,” a hard-hitting rock tune about standing up for yourself.

Unlike many other artists, Tarah Who? doesn’t allow herself to be boxed into a single niche or idea. She proudly makes this the main inspiration in her musical career. It makes her music personable and fun to listen to, but is the new single any good? “The Showdown” makes a good showcase for her, and it’s a shining example of why her style works well. To put it simply, “The Showdown” is a song that only works thanks to Tarah’s sense of self.

There aren’t many artists doing this grungey, punk-ish style of rock, and we have to say, we’re big fans of it. The style has many layers, despite its ramshackle and hectic sound. There’s a ton of energy and aggression behind the track, which imbibes the song with a sense of character. The chaotic energy behind the song is backed by its well-arranged instrumentals, but it also carries that idea of chaos. 

In the instrumentals, Tarah Who? really gets to show off their punk influences. Loud and unrelenting, they complement Tarah’s vocals perfectly, which are just as chaotic as the rest of the track. The writing here is also phenomenal, putting you into the perspective of Tarah as she navigates. She metaphorically explores her way through adversity and strife. Despite how it may seem, it’s a song about individuality, and as such, it drips personality in every aspect of itself.

In conclusion, Tarah Who’s “The Showdown” is incredibly fun but not necessarily inviting. This is by design, of course, as it is rough around the edges and is part of the fun of listening to it. It fits the themes of individuality that the song goes for, and it’s well represented in every aspect of the single, from its arrangement to Tarah’s intense vocal delivery. It gets a solid recommendation from us, and we’re eager to see more from her.

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