Graffiti Butterfly: Eager London’s Vibrant Debut into Music’s Heart

Eager London - Keoni Boynton

Keoni Boynton, widely recognized as Eager London, is an ascending artist who masterfully paints auditory landscapes filled with heartbreak, loss, and hope. His music, likened to mini-movies, captivates listeners by evoking rich, vivid vibes reminiscent of cinematic experiences.

Eager London, the vibe dealer, invites listeners into a space of total authenticity, fostering an environment ideal for vulnerability. His purpose remains consistent – to reassure listeners that it’s fine to feel, to hurt, to love, and to wear one’s emotions unwaveringly like a badge of honor.

After more than ten years of crafting songs for both independent and major artists, Eager London reached a pivotal moment. He felt an irresistible pull to venture beyond the familiar. Driven by a desire for authenticity, he embarked on a new, uncharted musical journey, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of his own life experiences. His music became a canvas where personal stories transformed into melodies and lyrics. Eager London’s guiding philosophy is clear: stepping out of one’s comfort zone is essential to pursuing one’s true calling. This belief is at the heart of his message to the world.

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Eager London’s musical journey was initiated when he was barely 15 years old. A pact between him, his brother, and cousin to start a singing group got his musician father involved. With a challenge to write three songs for a keyboard against a video game console, Eager London knew his priorities and had his eyes on the latter. Nonetheless, his father, recognizing his potential, later gifted him a keyboard, which became the young artist’s creative haven amidst gaming sprees.

On December 8th, 2023, Eager London made a striking debut with his single ‘Graffiti Butterfly’. Spanning a duration of 4 minutes and 2 seconds, the track radiates good energy and high positivity. Its instrumental backdrop sets a vibrant tone, creating an immersive experience for listeners. Once Eager London’s vocals enter the mix, the song transforms into a upbeat ride, showcasing his unique ability to blend rhythm and emotion seamlessly. Known as the vibe dealer, Eager London takes listeners on a musical journey that is both chill and uplifting.

‘Graffiti Butterfly’ stands out for its exceptional production quality. Eager London’s signature vocal style and cadence are highlighted really well, shining bright throughout the track. The vocals are expertly mixed, complementing the well-mastered instrumental. This level of craftsmanship suggests that ‘Graffiti Butterfly’ is likely to become a favorite on numerous Spotify playlists. The track not only establishes Eager London as a seasoned artist but also sets high expectations for his future releases. His blend of positive vibes, chill rhythms, and compelling lyrics mark an inspiring start, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more of his artistry.

Eager London shines as a seasoned storyteller and artist passionate about emanating hope in a fractured world. With intentions of honoring God through his artistic expressions, he portrays himself as an emblem of compassion.

Presently, the rising artist is working on an album in collaboration with a new production team known as ‘The Sour Batch Kids’. Alongside partner Tato Beats, Eager London is cooking up some music with refreshing flavors that fans eagerly anticipate.

With a knack for crafting soul-stirring songs, Eager London has introduced a new dimension to the music industry. Not just a musician, but a storyteller, who through his art, constructs a dialogue of emotional authenticity that listeners feel synonymous with – and we’re here for it.

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