Soulful Acoustics and Profound Emotions: The Promise of “A Bend in the Light”

Jared Justen - A Bend In The Light

Step into the dynamic and complex world of indie singer-songwriter Jared Justen, a man who defies categorization and thrives in the undefined nebula between genres. Trained on a kaleidoscopic toothpaste of late-90s music, Justen’s compositions echo with whispers of influences as varied as gangsta rap and indie rock. His sonic repertoire is a microcosm of his vibrant internal ecosystem, where intricate invisible borders of emotion and thought crash and coalesce, birthing lyrics and melodies that are as personal as they are universal.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Justen’s journey has seen him swap strumming in college dorms with baring his soul in self-produced albums, embracing the many roles that make a modern indie artist – singing, songwriting, and music production. His debut and sophomore albums, “Sky Align” and “Wolves Teeth,” nestled his signature genre-blurring sound into the hearts of listeners worldwide. Now he gears up to illuminate the indie scene once again, with his upcoming third album, “A Bend in the Light.”

If Justen’s past work was an exposition of his multi-faceted persona, “A Bend in the Light” tosses the listeners into uncharted sonic territory. The album revolves around the theme of physical and symbolic interactions, with subliminal motifs of lighthouses, sunlight, searchlights, pools, waves, and cleansing water weaving a finely spun tapestry of profound emotions suffused with introspection.

Constructed around his signature acoustic soundscapes and rhythmic guitar, the album’s release, scheduled for November 3, 2023, reflects the maturity and evolution of Justen’s sound. Grown from the fertile soil of personal and global challenges, the album builds upon Justen’s gift for melding unfiltered candor with soulful melodies, a trait that resonates in his earlier albums, while taking a more substantial production pivot.

Jared Justen is no stranger to raw, visceral self-expression. The Minneapolis/St. Paul open mic nights were his emotional and creative shoe box, the place where he sharpened the sword of his unique acoustic/folk music style. Showcasing a more collaborative effort than his previous works, “A Bend in the Light” sees him joining creative forces with talented musicians, infusing a rhythmic vitality and depth into the acoustic universe he’s known for.

Followers of Justen’s intricate compositions can get an early taste of the album on his official website, Instagram, and Facebook pages, building the anticipation for the ultimate unveiling of “A Bend in the Light.”

One defining aspect of Justen’s music is its dance with melodic introspection. Still, this dance is not a monotonous waltz of melancholy; it is a vibrant tango that swings between contemplation and revelation, always grounded in authenticity. His introspective journey into sound is reflected in tracks like “Arrow” and “Above the Water,” offering a lyrical exploration into the healing, transformative power of water, a recurrent theme in the whole album.

Every string on his guitar, every word in his lyrics, unfurls the map for his journey. From his meteoric rise in the music scene with raw, emotion-laden tracks such as “Vanquish All,” “Prove the Only,” and “Arrow,” trailing a comet-tail of over a million Spotify streams, Justen’s artistry continues to galvanize listeners.

“A Bend in the Light” is a testament to the audiodepth of Jared Justen. His signature approach to music, punctuated by his open tunings on the acoustic guitar, resonates with listeners looking for a grounded, authentic experience. As he continues to chart his course in the music industry, his focus remains on delivering genuine, heartfelt tracks that resonate with listeners on a primal level.

He treats every track as a blank canvas, pouring his dedication, skill, and personal ethos to breathe life into empty bars and rests. His most recent single, “New Crown,” is a quintessential blend of his unique sound, vocal tenor, and vibe – a foretaste of the sonic symphony that “A Bend in the Light” promises to be.

For Justen, this album is more than a discography addition. It’s a curated collection of personal stories, shaped by sounds and emotions, that echoes with empathetic reverberations. It stands as a testament to his evolving artistry, musical journey, and groundbreaking flair – qualities that render him a significant and alluring force in the indie music spectrum. His upcoming album, “A Bend in the Light,” releases on November 3, 2023, on all major streaming platforms. Walk into Justen’s world; you might find your rhythm.

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