WRY: Music to Validate the Full Spectrum of Human Emotion

WRY - Weronika Stasiak

A burgeoning superstar in the realm of innovative music, WRY – real name Weronika Stasiak – cultivates a diverse acoustic landscape tinted with hues from various genres such as Soul, RnB, and Dark Pop. This Berlin-based artist vibrantly explores the emotional depth and breadth of human existence through her art. Her focus isn’t simply music. It’s a wider canvas acknowledging the quintessential truth – it’s okay to be different, and feelings, in all their complexity, are valid.

As she gears up for releasing her forthcoming EP later this year, one can’t help but be intrigued by this new artist’s journey and the transformative power of her music. In fact, it’s her own story, her personal experiences that provide the fertile soil for her creations. Just like the finely aged wine, her songs are beautifully layered – a portrayal of love, life, and everything in between in a raw, unfiltered manner.

WRY’s music is a passionate blend – the fat bass, well-placed drums, well-curated beats, and her soulful voice takes center stage, setting the overall ambience. To the uninitiated, her music offers a fierce, sexy, and irresistible foray into a world swirling with emotions, something that she likens to the powerful signature of the late, great Amy Winehouse, her lifelong idol.

In her journey, WRY is ably supported by Adam Le Hamel, her producer, and adept sound designer. Together, they strive to polish the crystal-cut edges of their compositions, wrapping up the vibrant percussions under a dark, enticing layer. With their combined skills, they’re keen on reaching a broader audience, navigating them through the stormy seas of powerful emotions with their music.

WRY’s answer to fame and music was shaped early. A musical lineage, her aunt and grandfather – both seasoned musicians – helped her hone her skills. At the tender age of nine, she took the plunge, became a part of a music conservatory, learned the finger-style guitar, and began singing in the choir. Those days of performing in front of them, the feedback she got, and the support she received, forged her into the captivating artist she is today.

Being the versatile artist that she is, WRY sees possible collaborations across the musical spectrum, from big names like Chris Brown and Doja Cat to promising and rising stars like Banks and Stanaj.

Currently, WRY’s soulful catalogue is growing, with her newest single, “Drop It,” creating ripples. By shedding light on her artistic direction, it serves as a promising preview of what’s to come. Her fans should stay tuned for another single at the end of September, as the artist continues to blaze her trail.

To catch more of WRY’s captivating performances, follow @wrywho, check out her Facebook, explore her Spotify, her edgy, dynamic Youtube channel, or join the fun on her TikTok.

Weronika Stasiak, or WRY as she is popularly known, is here to affirm and validate our collective emotional journey. Submerging into her music could be a cathartic dive into understanding the complicated beauty that is human nature, shared experiences, and self-discovery. Her musical prowess offers a melodious appeal to embrace uniqueness and unapologetically accept our true selves.

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