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DJ Wade - Dasvibes

You don’t often come across hustlers who can create and produce music while developing mobile apps on the side. Well, that’s precisely what Marvin Wade Reid does today.

Find out what makes this musician-entrepreneur such a fascinating character and what makes him tick.

Getting an Early Start

Musicians today are lucky to achieve a few years of sustained success. But DJ Wade, as he’s sometimes known, has been around for decades now.

As an Australian Jamaican, Marvin got his start in the sound system industry back in the early 90s. Jamaica would’ve enjoyed a booming music scene at the time. And Marvin made the most of the local scene, performing in popular gigs and shows.

Locals would know see the artist playing out on a based sound-system called, Dub Sonic, selling out shows in the Seaview Gardens area.

Becoming a Techie and Producer

Marvin’s love for technology led him to explore options beyond simply performing music. He began brushing up his IT skills during and after his graduation from Kingston.

After his graduation, he began his foray into mixing and production. Partnering with his brother Bobby and a German friend, he began a new music label that focused on pumping out new talents and quality music.

The trio and their label released five projects, each of which was equally successful in its own right. They also collaborated with other labels to release a handful of co-projects that really shone through.

Balancing Two Full-fledged Careers

Marvin moved to Australia back in 2009, where he began pursuing a career in IT even as he continued his music projects.

He became an experienced mobile app developer the very next year. After the 2010s, Wade was as much an IT professional as he was a musician.

Of course, this did not mean that his music career got pushed to the back seat. Locals may recognize him as Dasvibes or DJ Wade, thanks to his gigs across the country. His performances took him across continents from Japan and the UAE to New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and back to Australia.

Where DJ Wade is Headed Today

Marvin continues to churn out new music and dabble in fascinating projects even today. His YouTube channel Dasvibes features unique tracks, some of which were released more than a decade ago and others being very recent productions.

The majority of the tracks are collaborations with other unique musicians whose genres exhibit wide diversity ranging from electronic and reggae to jazz and dance music.

Perhaps his most exciting project yet is already in the pipeline. Fans and followers can expect a new major album that DJ Wade is currently working on.

The album titled ‘Respect’ features a collaboration of artists from all over the world. And this union appropriately reflects Marvin’s very own journey and background. He is an artist whose experience ranges from small local gigs in Jamaica all the way to sold-out shows in Australia.

Given the fascinating new projects that DJ Wade may pursue further in the future, music lovers everywhere deserve a taste of his crafts and artistry. Follow DJ Wade on any of his social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) for instant updates on new projects and productions.

Alternatively, you can visit the Dasvibes website for information, merchandise, and updates on all his upcoming gigs and deals.

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