Livid | Up-And-Coming Rapper, Brock Simpson, Is Giving Vibes

Livid - Rapper, Brock Simpson

New-age rapper spitting old-school bars with bomb tracks; that’s the first thing on our mind when we think of Livid. From the flush yet explicit ‘Say To Me’ to the dark and playful ‘Go Getter’, Livid has been making the rounds with his new tracks on Spotify.

He might have a long way to go in the rap game, but it’s a great start. He’s definitely a star in the making and will stop at nothing to make a name for himself. At least that’s what rapper, composer, and lyricist, Livid, AKA Brock Simpson believes in.

When Did Livid Start Writing Songs?

According to a recent interview, this up-and-coming lyricist started writing songs at the early age of 14, which explains why he might sound more seasoned than others hitting the scene. Most kids during this time are only interested in going to parties or using fake I.Ds to buy beer. But of course, Brock wasn’t like the other kids.

While others passed their summer vacations meaninglessly, Brock used the time to observe the world and from lyrical rhymes in his head. Pretty soon, he started taking his thoughts to pen and paper, forming some of his earliest rhymes. A few trials later, he was composing full tracks laced with sick bars and insightful lyrics.

Today, Livid has released numerous hard-hitting tracks that can light up your airpods. With several compositions, eps, and a recent album to boot, Livid is getting one step closer to gaining his ultimate stride moving forward.

What Inspired Livid To Start Writing?

As a child, Brock was fascinated with sports; he loved watching highlight videos of all his favorite players. There would always be music playing during these videos, and the combination of adrenaline sports with hard-hitting tracks was extremely interesting for him.

But Brock wasn’t interested in rap music until he heard a particularly dope track that he fell in love with. It was an amazing track by LL Cool J called ‘Mama Said Knock You Out.’ It’s been told to us the young rapper found himself immediately immersed and started analyzing the lyrics, beats, rhymes, and overall composition. That’s when he knew he HAD to write his own rhymes, and thus, a ‘Livid’ was born.

When Did Livid Release His First Rap?

Although Brock started writing at a very early age, he would never record his music or put it out there for the world to listen to. Of course, songwriters and musicians go through a vulnerable period when promoting their music. You never know what kind of reaction you’ll get, and your mind is filled with doubts. And for this young rapper, It was the same.

The big change came when he realized he was not interested in any of the popular tunes that were trending at the time. Since he didn’t like any of the popularly trending songs, he decided to rework his music, at least so he could have something to listen to.

What started as a personal experiment soon went public as he grew more confident with his skills. By the time he was 18, Livid simply stopped caring what people might think and overcame his anxiety about criticism.

And pretty soon, he started putting his music out there for people to hear – and honestly, we could be more excited to hear more.

You can check out the young up-and-comer using the links below.


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