The Unusuals: Dynamic Duo Releases “FINNA BE” Ft. Fatal Lucciauno

The Unusuals

Surging onto the hip hop scene with a burst of originality, The Unusuals (Xperience & Ninjaface) unveiled their latest creation on November 10th—a compelling music video for “FINNA BE.” This track highlights the collaboration with Fatal Lucciauno, set against the backdrop of production by SmokeM2D6. With their groundbreaking beats and sharp lyrical narratives, the duo crafts a sound that’s both fresh and distinctive in the tapestry of modern Hip Hop / Rap.

The music video for “FINNA BE” adopts an artistic approach, opening with static visuals of a Monarch Butterfly morphing from the cocoon stage to full bloom. With the lyrics transitioning in and out above the video, the constant singular image creates a robust representation of the song’s core message.

<<< Watch the music video for “FINNA BE” on Youtube here >>>

The hip hop/rap track, drenched in vitality, boasts a raw and sturdy beat crafted by SmokeM2D6. This unique instrumental composition bears a distinct resemblance to Boom Bap yet tinges it with a unique, unpolished style, resulting in a gritty old hip-hop feel that’s a welcome departure from the generic sounds that have recently dominated the genre.

Among the Unusuals are artists XPERIENCE & NINJAFACE – veterans in the Pacific Northwest underground scene who have consistently collaborated creatively over the past two decades. The two joined forces as the world descended into the pandemic’s chaos to form a group layered with individualistic musical notes, yet unified in their elevation of hip hop’s golden age.

The duo intertwines striking R&B hooks with cerebral wordplay set against a disruptive, punishing, and war-like delivery. Ninjaface, a verbal artiste, brings tales to life through vivid imagery and his flawless execution of intricate cadences. XPERIENCE transports listeners through time with his rich metaphors and eloquent manner of expression. Together, they create a force to be reckoned with, challenging traditional perceptions of sound and redefining their genre.

A quote from Ninjaface on the track “FINNA BE” reflects this resilient and transformative spirit:

“This song, to me, is about the stages in life that one goes through, the evolution of consciousness. We learn through mistakes and take certain paths that might not be the most favorable to our existence, but we conquer every day. FINNA BE to me is about knowledge, wisdom, and how resilient we are when trying to achieve our aspirations, goals and won’t let anyone stand in the way of building wings to reach new horizons.”

Immerse yourself in the sound and soul of The Unusuals, and journey into “FINNA BE”, available now on Youtube. Stay connected with the group on their official website and Instagram page for the latest news. Link in with The Unusuals as they reshape the sound of hip hop, defying convention and discovering new melodic horizons.

Instagram: @two_unusuals
Management: Damon Moreno

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