Celebrating the Season: Lisa Dawn Miller Releases “My Favorite Time of Year” EP

Lisa Dawn Miller

Lisa Dawn Miller has long been known as a dynamic performer, bringing a distinct blend of passion and heritage to the stage and studio. As the year winds down and holiday lights start twinkling, Miller gifts fans with her latest creation, the EP “My Favorite Time of Year,” infusing the airwaves with the festive spirit.

Daughter of the late Ron Miller, a legendary songwriter in his own right, Lisa has continued to weave the family’s musical thread through the tapestry of the contemporary music scene. Her new EP is more than just a collection of holiday songs; it’s a musical journey through joy, nostalgia, and hope, complemented by a touching homage to her father’s timeless work.

Leading with the title track, “My Favorite Time of Year,” Lisa sets the stage with an upbeat homage to the festive season. But the EP isn’t all jingle bells and merry melodies; it delves deeper. “We’ll Always Have Christmas Eve” wraps listeners in the warm embrace of yesteryear’s memories, while “A Miracle,” co-written with Mark Matson, unfolds as an anthem celebrating the indomitable human spirit, inspired by her niece, Angelique.

“A Christmas Truce” harkens back to a moment in history where peace briefly reigned amidst chaos, a ballad that resonates with poignant timeliness. Then, “It’s Christmas” and “A New Year” sweep us back to the present, stirring up that familiar holiday excitement and the anticipation of what’s to come.

Lisa’s rendition of her father’s “Someday at Christmas” might be the EP’s crowning jewel, reinterpreted with a contemporary lens that both honors her father’s legacy and acknowledges today’s complex world.

The holiday season release is a follow-up to the ovation-worthy premiere of “For Once in My Life – The Songs of Ron Miller” at 54 Below in New York City. The show, graced by a constellation of talented guests, served as a testament to her father’s enduring influence and Lisa’s own musical prowess.

Beyond the holiday collection, Lisa’s recent triumphs in the entertainment industry shine through. From her acclaimed role in “Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack” to her leadership in her family’s musical trusts and businesses, Miller is a force of nature in the realm of music and theater.

Exciting times lie ahead for fans, with the promise of new singles that span genres, from EDM to touching ballads. These upcoming releases showcase Lisa’s versatility and continued evolution as an artist.

Accompanying the EP, Lisa announces the launch of Shop LDM, a new venture for fans eager to don a piece of the holiday magic she’s created. With the release of the furry hat featured on the EP’s cover, the store promises to deliver a bit of Lisa’s style to listeners’ wardrobes.

Those looking to immerse themselves further into Lisa Dawn Miller’s world can explore her websites, www.lisadawnmiller.comwww.ldmworld.comwww.foronceinmylife.com, and follow her journey on various social media platforms, where she regularly shares updates on her music and life. With “My Favorite Time of Year,” Lisa Dawn Miller not only celebrates the season but also cements her place as a multifaceted artist with a voice that resonates long after the holidays have passed.

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