Capturing Moments and Beats: The Musical Rise of MYPD

MYPD - Yves-Michel and Dave Parker
MYPD – Yves-Michel and Dave Parker

In the ever-evolving and dynamic landscape of electronic music, there’s a new player on the scene that’s worth turning one’s ears towards. Enter MYPD, an innovative music group born out of the deep-seated synergy of two passionate artists – Yves-Michel and Dave Parker – whose powerful abilities collectively drive them towards a unified, electrifying ambition – to capture the essence of the beautiful moments in life, one rhythm at a time.

Dave Parker, a Ravensburg native, emerged on the scene in 2015 with a debut set on SoundCloud that quickly captured the fascination of listeners far and wide. Working collaboratively with the music group MonkeyCircus, he made significant strides in the Ravensburg techno scene, fashioning a music style that blends driving beats with a melody-infused groove. His love for music is palpable on the dancefloor, where listeners are routinely entranced by his rolling bass lines.

On the other side of the MYPD duo, Yves-Michel Hantsche, a Dresden-born music maestro and the heart of the label Sick’n Raw, started his journey through the world of electronic beats as an eager drummer at a tender age. Evolving from an event organizer, securing his techno footprints across Ravensburg, Memmingen, and Allgäu-region, he quickly expanded his reach past Munich to the international techno stage. With Yves’ pulsing beats and unrelenting energy, every Sick’n Raw gig sets new standards in professional entertainment.

MYPD’s infectious melodies are inspired by a rich tapestry of talent – from current artists like Marlon Hoffstadt, DJ Heartstring, Narciss, to veterans like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, and Paul van Dyk. Their music embodies the hypnotic and groovy blend of techno, trance, and euro dance, with a unique focus on capturing the listener’s imagination through storytelling.

Their forthcoming release is slated for September 2023 on the Sick’N’Raw label. Simultaneously, a series of live performances across Ravensburg, Memmingen, Würzburg, and Berlin, among other locations, are on the anvil, each one likely to be a testament to their high-energy shows, full of vigor and passion.

26.08. Douala Ravensburg
01.09. Old Villa Memmingen
16.09. Douala Ravensburg 7 years Monkeycircus
29.09. Posthalle Würzburg
13.10. Weißer Hase Berlin
20.10. Parktheater 9 years SNR

With the current project blending trance and euro dance into syncopated, groovy tracks, MYPD is a vessel for their shared dream. A dream that wishes to work with established names like DJ Heartstring or Marlon Hoffstadt, taking their music project to great new heights while infusing every beat with their 110% bundled energy. Their songwriting process combines inspiration drawn from existing songs they resonate with, and their own creative instincts, crafting a sound that’s immersive and distinctive.

In MYPD’s musical universe, every beat is a capsule of memory, a retelling of a moment, ensnaring listeners into a dance of the past and the present, against a backdrop of pulsating techno music. The real power of MYPD lies in the passion that is relentlessly breathed into their work. A referring sentiment for their fans would be that they are much more than just the sum of their individual talents. Together, they create an extraordinary musical force, and through their incredible journey, they hope to inspire their listeners and redefine the contours of the electronic music genre. Their music, hence, is a reflection of their aspirations, their spirit, and their unyielding will to soar to new heights.

Dive deep into the rhythmic tales of MYPD on Instagram and get lost in their beats on Soundcloud. For a taste of the individual flair that makes up MYPD, explore Yves-Michel’s and Dave Parker’s tracks on Spotify.

To all their fans and first-time listeners, prepare to have your hearts entwined with MYPD’s beats, reminding you of the beautiful moments you’ve experienced and those yet to come. Unravel the power of their music and let yourself be swept away in their hypnotic soundscapes. MYPD is here to change the game and, boy, what an exhilarating game it promises to be.

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