Lil Skreet: Breaking Boundaries with Triphop

Lil Skreet

Provoking a unique vibrancy in triphop music, Lil Skreet, real name Johnathan Armstrong, is shaping his art and narrative in the world of hip-hop with both tenacity and passion. Currently dwelling upon his upcoming psychedelic album, “Perc Armstrong,” this Washington-based artist is intent on turning his love for music into a prolific career that would render his art a rich outlet for personal expression.

This being the artists first album, it’s evident that it’s sculpted not as a mere capstone of his seven-year music journey but as a resounding testament to his progression as an artist. Aside from the album, Lil Skreet’s plans include releasing singles, the next of which will bring along a music video.

Lil Skreet’s most recent single, “Perc Armstrong,” pulses with an infectious tone. The song spins an intriguing narrative with a cinematic touch, resonating fiercely with the Godfather movie vibes sampled from “Hier encore” by Charles Aznavour. Amid a hard hitting hip-hop instrumental lies the heavy bass beats paired with impressive lyricism and flow that cannot be mistaken for amateurish work. The song, available on both Spotify and Apple Music, solidifies Skreet’s place in the music scene as a seasoned artist with plenty to offer.

For followers and first-time listeners, Lil Skreet profiles himself as a genuine artist. With roots firmly planted in the heart of a small Washington town called Longview, his music echoes a blend of various influences. However, his most significant mark is the gripping mystique in his lyrics, which he leaves open for listeners to decode and interpret, enhancing the overall immersive experience he provides.

Juggling between a full-time job, fatherhood, and his passion for hip-hop, Skreet demonstrates resilience and robust spirit as he attempts to overcome the hurdles of his limited resources, geographical confinement, and marketing drawbacks. His fans, therefore, can anticipate an artist, relentlessly soldiering on, his sights set on nurturing his craft for his family’s material sustenance.

Skreet’s portfolio glows with popular hits such as “Tell by my drip,” “Space Coupe,” “Smith and Wesson,” and “Keep Safe,” all imbued with personal essence and solid approach. He places an emphasis on evoking emotive experiences, rather than laying explicit lyrics, while his growth as a musician is resonant in his recent songs, which are maturing with improved projects.

As he works hand-in-hand with a booking agent, his fans can look forward to soon-to-be-announced shows. Beyond his art, Skreet cherishes the challenge of driving new vibes in his music, sometimes lending an explicit tone, at others not. Either way, his upcoming projects are predicted to reflect his refined artistry, fueled by his renewed growth.

Being from a small town in Washington like Longview hasn’t dulled the edge of this ambitious artist. If anything, it has honed his skills, bred his resilience, and motivated him to paint strokes of innovation on the canvas of hip-hop and triphop music that is difficult to overlook.

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